Socialist Review issue

May 2013 #380

The politics of immigration


by Michael Bradley

The period since the mass strike on 30 November 2011 has been one of huge frustration for many trade union activists. While the Tory assault...

by Kim Yeong-ik

The increasing tensions on the Korean peninsula over the last few months have brought a renewed sense of insecurity to many in the region. The two...

by Simon Assaf

There is growing alarm in Israel, the West and its Arab allies at the turn of events in Syria. Barack Obama's administration is divided between...


Brian Richardson

Brian Richardson examines the battle lines being drawn around immigration. We also publish an extract from the updated pamphlet Immigration: The Myths Spread to Divide Us that puts the case for...

Charlie Kimber

Bookmarks are updating and reprinting the pamphlet Immigration: The Myths Spread to Divide Us by Charlie Kimber. Here we reprint an extract:

Charlie Kimber

The death of Margaret Thatcher was greeted by celebrations across the country, while the ruling class went into a frenzy as they attempted to defend her legacy. Here Charlie Kimber looks at that...

Jane Hardy

When Thatcher was elected in 1979 the fortunes of British capitalism were lagging behind its competitors after decades of poor performance. Her economic policies as a package reflected the desire...

Mirfat Sulaiman

The struggle in South Yemen for independence from the North continues to be way down the agenda of the international media. Mirfat Sulaiman reports on a rising revolutionary tide which no amount...

Ed Rooksby

Radical left parties such as Syriza in Greece and the Front De Gauche in France have made significant gains recently. But what about Britain? Socialist film maker Ken Loach has recent issued a...


In my view column
by Kevin Doogan

There are two conflicting accounts of what has happened in the labour market since the onset of the Great Recession. It will amaze Socialist Review readers but there is a story doing the rounds...

In perspective column
by Martin Upchurch

Fifty years ago this month a few committed activists from Bristol's 3,000-strong black community launched a remarkable and ultimately successful campaign. As in the rest of post-war Britain,...

Culture column
by Simon Behrman

The musical dramas of Richard Wagner, whose 200th birthday is being celebrated this year, are among the most popular works of classical music today. They are regularly staged at all the major...


What kind of change in Turkey? Roni Margulies's article All change in Turkey (Feature, Socialist Review, April 2013) has been required reading here in North London where a highly-politicised local...


by Jerry Hicks

Jerry Hicks stood as a rank and file candidate in the recent elections for the general secretary of Unite, the biggest union in Britain. He received 79,819 votes, 36 percent of the vote. Socialist...


Classic reads
by Mark L Thomas

Wage-Labour and Capital is online at

by Pat Stack

Graham Stewart

by Shirley Franklin

Roger Taylor

by Riya Al'Sanah

Edited by Rich Wiles

by Andrew Stone

Marjorie Heins

by Pura Ariza

David E Lowes

by Hassan Mahamdallie

Richard Stone

by Jeff Jackson

Aldo Schiavone

Classic reads
by Jack Farmer

F Scott-Fitzgerald

by Nahella Ashraf

So often working class people are told what their lives are like and, in most cases, what's wrong with their lives. Here is a film that shows working class people telling their stories as you...

by Jaswinder Blackwell-Pal

When Dominic Cooke took over as artistic director of the Royal Court Theatre in 2006 he announced his intention to produce plays which "explore what it means to be middle class...and what it means...

by Chris Everitt

Steve Mason

Art / Exhibitions
by Socialist Review

Combining sculpture, painting, collage and film, this is the first major exhibition of London-born Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare.

Art / Exhibitions
by Rhys Williams

Souzou presents works that are often of a very personal nature, not always intended for exhibition or the art market. This is a collection of drawings, paintings and sculptures produced by people...

Art / Exhibitions
by Andy Brown

In 1901, a 19-year-old Picasso, his self-confidence so clearly displayed in the self-portrait Yo Picasso, broke into the Paris art scene. This was the capital of the art world in Western Europe...