Socialist Review issue

May 2014 #391

Standing up to UKIP's racism


by Katherine Jacobs
Tony Blair, former prime minister and warmonger, announced last month that the world's biggest problem is "radical Islam" and that world leaders were...
by Mark L Thomas
One of the biggest strikes in recent Chinese history took place last month when up to 40,000 shoe manufacturing workers at the Yue Yuen Industrial...
by Simon Assaf
One of the many casualties of the end of the Arab Spring is the Gulf state of Qatar, a country that up till recently had seemed best placed to emerge...
by Rob Ferguson
Imperialist rivalry between Russia, the US and EU threatens a carnival of reaction across Ukraine, that pits Ukrainian against Ukrainian, promoting...


Charlie Kimber

Ukip look set to make major gains in this month's European and local elections. Socialist Review looks at what lies behind Ukip's rise and how their racist populism can be challenged.

Man-Yun Kao

A mass campaign has delayed moves to liberalise the island's economy in favour of Chinese capitalism. Socialist Review reports on the roots of the campaign and the challenges it faces.

Tom Hickey
An island then of 6 million people, Taiwan was the last refuge to which the Nationalist Kuomintang (KMT) army and government fled after their defeat in the civil war by the Chinese Communist Party in...
Joseph Choonara

Continuing the debate on the role of Leninism, Joseph Choonara argues that the Bolshevik leader's concept of the party remains the model around which socialists should unite.

Dave Sherry

Dave Sherry's book John MacLean: Red Clydesider has recently been republished by Bookmarks. Here we print an abridged version of the new introduction which looks at the importance of Maclean in...

Dave Sherry

"I stand in the Gorbals and before the world as a Bolshevik, alias a Communist, alias a revolutionary, alias a Marxist. My symbol is the red flag, and I shall always keep it flying high."


Letter from
by Ian Rintoul

Protests have erupted across Australia at the new Tory government's anti-refugee policies.

In my view column
by Mark L Thomas

Teachers, firefighters, council workers and health workers are all moving to either strike or hold ballots for strikes. Socialist Review looks at the shift in mood and argues that any strikes will...

In perspective column
by Ellen Clifford

The fightback against austerity is reshaping the disability movement in Britain.

Culture column
by Jacek Szymanski
Thanks to a new high definition restoration, Polish director Andrzej Wajda's iconic 1976 film "Man of Marble" has the chance of a second life. Wajda became famous in the 1950s for his war trilogy...
Culture column
by Alan Kenny

Now open


by Simon Assaf
The death of Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez at the age of 87 marks the end of an era that transformed Latin American literature. Marquez is renowned for a style of work known as Magical...


by Man-Yun Kao
Su Beng is a Marxist historian and veteran Taiwanese independence fighter With the CSSTA, just as in the past, the KMT government is not keen on public discussions about political decisions. It...


by John Parrington

As the 20th century ended, there were many predictions about what we might expect from the next century but one particularly resonated with policy-makers across the world. It was the claim that...

by Dave Sewell

Internet entrepreneur Adam Dell set up Shared Earth in 2010, a web service for connecting would-be gardeners to unused plots of land. Jeremy Rifkin enthuses about the start-up's rapid expansion....

by Ellie May

The Gypsy Goddess is set in Tamil Nadu, India, in 1968. This is the true story of agricultural labourers working under tyrannical, feudal landlords who begin to rebel and defy their masters in a...

by Francesca Manning

This new book is a dynamic re-working of Marx in an attempt to analyse the changing face of globe capitalism and the last seven years of economic crisis, and to provide a framework for a political...

by Antony Hamilton

When radical black American leader Malcolm X spoke at the Oxford Union in 1963 his speech was hailed as a "30 minute explosion that is perhaps the best encapsulation of [his] ultimate views on...

by Saba Shiraz aka Kali Rayt

In his explosive and thought-provoking new volume Film After Film: Or, What became of 21st Century Cinema? James Hoberman argues that the world of making movies has undergone a ground-breaking...

Art / Exhibitions
by Frances Newman

Tate Modern, London, until 7 September

by Kate Temple

Directed by Lenny Abrahamson, released 9 May

by Kevin Devine

Lyttleton Theatre, London, until 3 July

by Gwyneth Powell-Davies

On tour until 21 June

Classic reads
by Emma Davis

The idea that humans are naturally greedy and selfish and that "you can't change human nature" is often used to explain the atrocities that happen in the world. From imperialist wars, to racism,...