Socialist Review issue

November 2004 #290

Killer on the loose


by Editorial

George Bush's re-election ensures that the mass murder in Iraq will continue.

by Lindsey German

Lindsey German reports from the successful first annual conference of Respect.

by Pete Wearden

The discovery of a new hominid species is a major blow to those trying to reduce human beings to a set of genes. Some 'scientists' were reported...

by Giles Ji Ungpakorn

At least 80 Muslims were massacred by the Thai authorities on 25 October.

by Dave Davies

The battle for the future of the civil service has begun.

by Andrew Stone

When Nazi nail bomber David Copeland blew up the Admiral Duncan pub in 1999, barman David Morley escaped with minor burns. Last month he was...

by Anne Ashford

Two events in the last week of October threw the contradictory relationship between the Palestinian and Israeli leaderships into sharp relief.

by Candy Udwin

Socialist Worker is on the move. It has been redesigned with a new look and feel aimed at opening the paper to the movement.

by Ian Rappel

Tony Blair has intervened to ensure that British power stations and industries will be given increased allowances to emit carbon dioxide (CO2)...

by Rion Hall

Nine out of ten cats might prefer Whiskas, but would they swap brands if doing so meant supporting cats less fortunate than themselves? Presumably...

by Moira Nolan

Mike Tomlinson's report on education provision for 14 to 19 year olds in England and Wales is timely.



Baghdad Burning is a weblog written by a 25 year old Iraqi woman living in Baghdad, who uses the pseudonym Riverbend. For over a year she has described her experiences of the occupation.

Ian Birchall

Bush and Blair's denunciation of Iraqi insurgents as 'criminals' and 'terrorists' recalls the experience of the French Resistance and the Algerian war of independence.

Jean-Paul Sartre

In 1961 Frantz Fanon, a leader of the Algerian National Liberation Front, wrote the inspirational book The Wretched of the Earth. French socialist, philosopher and writer Jean-Paul Sartre...

Anne Ashford

Palestinian activists speak to Anne Ashford about their strategies to end the current occupation.

Phaedon Vassiliades

Why did Greek Cypriots reject the UN plan to reunite the island? Phaedon Vassiliades of Workers' Democracy looks beyond the accusation of nationalism.


by The Walrus

The Treasury's money saving schemes hide the real public finance leaks.

by Mike Davis

Avian flu could cause an epidemic far more catastrophic than many politicians are prepared to admit.

by Chris Harman

Why some union leaders have buckled over the occupation of Iraq.

by Martin Empson

How the FBI have tried to gag Indymedia.

by Andrew Stone

The post-Soviet world is still waiting for the promised freedom and democracy.


by Abdul-Nasser J G Baston

Andrew Stone refers to Mark Thatcher's arrest regarding the failed coup in Equatorial Guinea as 'shining a light on a much larger imperial cabal' ('Some Mother's Son',...

by Ken Montague

I recently floated with comrades in my SWP district the idea of reviving the annual commemoration of the Paris Commune.

by Brian Benson

I've just read your article 'The Beat to Beat Bush With' (October SR).

by Keith Flett

I read with interest Andrew Stone's article on Iraqi trade unions (October SR), something that is currently...

by John Wood-Cowling

Thank you for the Paul Foot tribute - wonderful stuff.

by Joe Hartney

Stephen Philips' review of Tony Scott's new movie Man on Fire was misleading, especially in his comparison with Rambo (...

by Cerrie Burnel

Inside I'm Dancing (reviewed in October SR) filled me with joy, pulled on the strings of my heart and...


by Alex Callinicos

There is much to celebrate in the work of the French philosopher Jacques Derrida, says Alex Callinicos.


by Emma Bircham, by Joel Bakan

The Corporation is the latest anti-capitalist blockbuster to hit our screens. Emma Bircham spoke to writer Joel Bakan about the rise of corporate power and his optimism that we can fight it...


by John Newsinger

John Newsinger marvels at a revolutionary fantasy.

by Anthony Hayward

Review of 'Tell Me No Lies', editor John Pilger, Jonathan Cape £20

by Kim Harrison

Review of 'Louise Michel', editor Nic Maclellan, Ocean £9.99

by Pat Stack

Review of 'Oh, Play That Thing' by Roddy Doyle, Jonathan Cape £16.99

by James Meadway

Review of 'Anti-Capitalism: Where Next?', editor Hannah Dee, Bookmarks £6

by Suzie Wylie

Review of 'The Shadow Knows', Adrian Mitchell, Bloodaxe £9.95

by Tony Phillips

Review of 'IOU', Noreena Hertz, Fourth Estate £16.99

by Beccy Reese

Review of 'The Myths of Zionism', John Rose, Pluto £14.99

by Paul Sillett

Review of 'Dare to be a Daniel', Tony Benn, Hutchinson £17.99

by Sarah Ensor

Children's books - police corruption and racism

by Mike Gonzalez

Mike Gonzalez speaks to Chilean director Andres Wood.

by Judith Orr

Review of 'Uncovered: The War on Iraq', director Robert Greenwald

by Nick Grant

Review of 'The Manchurian Candidate', director Jonathan Demme

by Liv Lewitschnik

Review of 'Birth', director Jonathan Glazer

by Stephen Philip

Radical documentaries - Iraq war on film - London Film Festival highlights

by Clare Fermont

Review of 'Good Morning, Night', director Marco Bellochio

by Moira Nolan

Review of 'Buried Child' by Sam Shepherd, National Theatre, London

by Sabby Sagall

Review of 'Don Giovanni' by Wolfgang Mozart, English National Opera

by Beth Stone

Review of 'Real Gone' by Tom Waits

by Paula Champion, by Jenny Taylor

Review of 'Tékitoi?' by Rachid Taha

by Mobeen Azhar

Review of 'The Beautiful Struggle' by Talib Kweli

Art / Exhibitions
by Ed Hall

Review of The 2004 Turner Prize, Tate Britain, London