Socialist Review issue

November 2006 #311

France: One year after the riots


Jim Wolfreys

In the autumn of 2005 the suburbs of Paris burned with anger at racism and poverty. Soon that rage spread across France and led to the most prolonged rioting the country had ever seen. Jim...

Beau Grosscup

In the aftermath of Israel's assault on Lebanon and continuing threats by the US against Iran, Beau Grosscup looks at the history and politics of aerial bombardments.

Third World Report (Middle East)
Chris Harman

As calls for an exit strategy from Iraq increase within ruling class circles, Chris Harman looks at what past imperial retreats could herald for the Iraqis.

Third World Report (Africa)
Ken Olende

Sometimes it seems that the Western powers, the multinationals and the banks get away with murder, confident that no one can challenge them. Anti-capitalists rage that the impoverishment of Africa...

Third World Report (Asia)
Riaz Ahmed

Before Pakistan's president General Musharraf visited the US in October, the Economist magazine commented that by doing a deal with the Taliban in northern Pakistan his military regime had...


by Noel Douglas

"The rich may have to live in gated communities while the poor roam the world outside those few enclaves," said Branko Milanovic from the Development Research Group at the World Bank in 2002....

by China Miéville

What should we make of ruling class stories that are so outrageous that no one could really fall for them?

by Lindsey German

What does a politician do when a war they started goes badly wrong? Pick a fight with those who have opposed it, of course.


by John Riddell

Mike Gonzalez deplores the fact that Fidel Castro was succeeded as Cuban head of state by his brother Raul ("Cuba's dynastic succession",...

by Yuri Prasad

Readers of this magazine will be pleased to know that SR has been nominated for the 2006 Utne Independent Press Award in the category of International Coverage.

by Emily Hall

I was amazed that Lee Salter wrote in last month's SR that John Pilger's films "instil a sense of paralysis"...


by Talat Ahmed

'The history of the development of Islamic civilisation is one of adaption and intermingling. It is one of both influencing the non-Islamic world and being influenced by it.' Tariq Ali challenges...


by Sue Sparks

Once it was seen as 'actually existing socialism'. Today China is capitalism's shining star. Sue Sparks surveys four recent books on its economy and those who make the profits.

by Martin Smith

Billy Bragg's quest for a "new England" may well be a waste of time, says Martin Smith. Review of 'The Progressive Patriot', Billy Bragg, Bantham Press £17.99

by Beccy Reese

Review of 'The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine', Ilan Pappe, Oneworld Publications £16.99

by Marianne Owens

Review of 'Evil Hour In Colombia', Forrest Hylton, Verso £12.99

by Chris Bambery

Review of 'Fascism's European Empire', Davide Rodogno, Cambridge University Press £60

by Simon Assaf

Review of 'God's War', Christopher Tyerman, Allen Lane £30

by Simon Philip

The London Film Festival showcased many films that will delight radicals, says Simon Philip.

by Diana Swingler

Review of 'The Death of Mr Lazarescu', Director: Cristi Puiu, Tartan Video £19.99

by Eamonn Kelly

Review of 'Sir, No Sir', Director: David Zeiger

Art / Exhibitions
by Jonathan Maunder

Jonathan Maunder looks at contemporary art in the US in the post-9/11 era.