Socialist Review issue

November 2013 #385



by Michael Bradley
The threatened closure of the petrochemical plant at Grangemouth and the aftermath of the dispute have opened up a crucial debate inside the labour...
by Roger Short
The idea that you can't take on multinational capitalism and win has been given a boost by the outcome at Grangemouth. We'll never know for sure...
by Keir McKechnie
The Scottish referendum on independence is just under a year away and the arguments in both camps are sharpening. The official pro-Union Better...


Weyman Bennett

In this special feature Socialist Review sets out the challenges and strategies faced by the anti-fascist movements in Britain. With contributions from activists involved in the struggle here.

Jacqueline Lewis

Leicester was one of the turning points in the battle to stop the EDL. It was to be the first major UAF demo built locally, despite facing a national mobilisation by the fascists. At the time it...

Dean Harris, Natasha Munoz

Dean Harris and Natasha Munoz, Waltham Forest UAF

Paul Sillett

Paul Sillet, UAF national campaigner

Kelvin Williams

Kelvin Williams, UAF photographer

Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins, UAF north west organiser

Sylvestre Jaffard

The murder of an anti-fascist activist has galvanised the campaign to stop the Front National, but the strategy of the movement falls short of what is needed.

Kambiz Boomla

Healthcare under capitalism has always been a contest between the needs of workers and desires of capital, and now the National Health Service faces its biggest battle ever.

Andrew Burgin

The Left Unity initiative has attracted significant interest and a founding conference is taking place at the end of November. Socialist Review invited Andrew Burgin, a supporter, to put the case...


Letter from
by Mirfat Sulaiman
It is 50 years since 14 October 1963, the day that marked the start of the armed struggle for independence from Britain. Four years later the British were kicked out and the state of South Yemen was...
by Alan Gibson

The government's new bill aims to create a "hostile environment" for illegal migrants. Alan Gibson looks at the measures in the proposed law and how it will target all migrants and serve...

In perspective column
by Terry Wrigley

The new policy briefing on children's education by Michael Gove's top advisor is a justification for inequality

Culture column
by Sasha Simic
In this, his 50th anniversary year, Doctor Who has become a contested figure. The right think he's one of them. The Daily Mail, for example, sees him as an embodiment of "traditional values". "...


by Paul Blackledge

The author of the seminal and groundbreaking work, Marx and Human Nature, was not without his faults.

by Noel Halifax
The media have been full of praise for Lou Reed now that he is dead, as is the norm for the hypocritical press. He would have hated it. Lou Reed hated the press in general but especially loathed the...


by Petros Constantinou

Socialist Review spoke to Petros Constantinou, an Athens councillor for the left wing Antarsya coalition and the national coordinator of the Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat (Keerfa...


by Antony Hamilton

Nathan Lean, Pluto Press £12.99

by Robbie Shaw

Oscar Martinez, Verso, £14.99

by Jeff Jackson

Alan Wieder, Monthly Review Press, £14.79

by Dave Sewell

Mark Blyth, Oxford University Press £14.99

Classic reads
by Phil Turner

Lewis Grassic Gibbon, First published 1932

Classic reads
by Mark L Thomas

Can the working class in less developed countries lead a socialist revolution, even when it is not a majority in society?

Leon Trotsky's theory of permanent revolution provides, under...

by Liz Wheatley

Lloyd Bradley, Published by Serpent's Tail at £12.99

by Siobhan Brown

Director Clio Barnard

by Xanthe Rose

Director John Pilger

by Andy Ridley

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by Frances Newman

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