Socialist Review issue

November 2019 #451

A world in revolt


by Brian Richardson
The First Phase Report of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry (GTI) was finally published on 30 October. When this date was originally announced, the bereaved...
by John Newsinger
Sajid Javid, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, regularly makes reference to his father having been a bus driver, and inevitably this has figured in...
by Alan Gibson
The terrible deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrants last month once again brought to the fore just how murderous are the government’s anti-migrant policies...


Shaun Doherty

With a general election finally on the way in Britain, Shaun Doherty argues that we need to absorb the spirit of the global revolts against the effects of neoliberalism and austerity.

Lewis Nielsen

This year has seen a global movement in response to climate crisis. Lewis Nielsen asks how that can lead to deeper change.

Simon Assaf

Mass protests and strikes in Lebanon have already toppled the prime minister, but they must go further, writes Simon Assaf.

Mark Brown

Recent Loyalist riots and disturbances in Glasgow and a subsequent ban on Orange and Republican parades in the city have the shaken the image of Scotland as a modern, inclusive democracy. Mark...

Sue Caldwell

Extinction Rebellion places non-violent resistance at the heart of its strategy, and looks to claims made by US academics Erica Chenoweth and Maria Stephen that just 3.5 percent of a population...

Rob Behan

As Vladimir Putin seeks to crack down on artistic freedom, Rob Behan tells the story of the rock scene that emerged from the margins in the late years of the Soviet Union, to the dismay of the...

Christian Hogsbjerg

Returning soldiers and sailors became the driving force behind a series of mass strikes that, says Christian Høgsbjerg, created a ‘social volcano’.


by Naima Omar

In the second of three columns looking at the life, politics and activism of Angela Davis, we hear how her arrest made her an international symbol of resistance

by Sasha Simic
Three giants of cinema have come out against the phenomenally successful series of superhero films produced by Marvel. In early October Martin Scorsese argued Marvel films were “not cinema” and...
by Ben Windsor
Fontamara was a literary phenomenon when first published in 1933. To many readers, it quickly became the great anti-fascist novel, translated into 27 other languages and selling over 1.5 million...
by Joseph Choonara

The protests around the globe may not be a coordinated wave, but they share long-term roots, writes Joseph Choonara.


by Sabby Sagall
Fred Lindop is right to say that the 9-week London and Liverpool dockers’ strikes preceding their march supporting Enoch Powell in April 1968 following his “rivers of blood” speech had been over the...
by Mike McGrath
I was mystified and indeed a little upset at how my letter responding to Martin Empson’s excellent article in July/August SR “Are there too many people on the planet” was so badly misread by Megan...
by Dave Lyddon
Shaun Doherty (October SR) raises important questions concerning the Supreme Court judgement that the government (the executive) acted unlawfully in proroguing (suspending) parliament (the...


by Roddy Slorach

Sheffer started this book intending to praise the Austrian doctor celebrated for pioneering our understanding of autism. Hans Asperger saw autism as a lifelong impairment existing on a continuum,...

by John Newsinger

This is an important book, remorselessly chronicling how “the UK’s immigration politics” have “devastated” the lives of hundreds of thousands of people over the years. Maya Goodfellow starts off...

by Sheila McGregor

Why read yet another biography of Marx or start with this one? Unlike others, Heinrich checks facts meticulously and embeds Marx and his writings in the economic and social circumstances, personal...

by Jeff Jackson

The murderous attack and eviction of tens of thousands of Palestinians in 1948 (Nakba) from their homes and land by Israeli Zionists signalled the cruel and inhumane methods that the newly...

by Patti Mckenna-Jones

John F Weeks sets out to demonstrate how there is an alternative to austerity, effectively exposing the Machiavellian machinations of Conservative policies along the way.

Austerity myths...

by Miriam Scharf

This is a powerful book, an indictment of a system where borders are used to divide people. After 9/11 “the war on terror” was used to justify a massive growth in the security industry and the...

by Ken Olende

Harriet Tubman became legendary in her lifetime as “Moses” who led so many of her people out of slavery to freedom. She was the leading “conductor” on the Underground Railroad escape route that...

by Alan Kenny

Ken Loach’s new film is a scrupulous investigation into the life of a delivery driver for the fictional Parcels Delivered Faster. Ricky, a Mancunian who has moved to Newcastle to build a life with...

by Sally Campbell

For those of us who were involved in the anti-war movement that developed in response to George W Bush’s “war on terror” after 9/11, The Report is a startling reminder of why it was so important...

Art / Exhibitions
by Maggie Falshaw

The Turner Prize is awarded every year to British artists. It’s organised by the Tate and traditionally the nominated artists’ work is displayed in Tate Britain in London. This year the exhibition...

Art / Exhibitions
by Siobhan Brown

This free, one-room exhibition is the latest in an abundance of programming marking the centenary of the Bauhaus. It brings together over 60 objects to explore the link between the influential...

by Sophie Squire

One of Angel Olsen’s most memorable lyrics is “Guess we’re just at the mercy of the way that we feel”. To an extent, Olsen’s fourth album All Mirrors centres around that simple fact.


by Jessica Walsh

Scottish-born, LA-based experimental pop producer SOPHIE turns over her groundbreaking debut album Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-insides to further transformation in this non-stop, club-ready remix...

by Jasmine Francis

Joy Crookes is hugely talented emerging artist from Elephant & Castle in south London with Irish and Bangladeshi origins. Her husky tones make for some very easy listening. “Early” is her...

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The Irishman
In cinemas 8 November, on Netflix from 27 November
Widely being hailed as Martin Scorsese’s...