Socialist Review issue

October 2004 #289

Meet the people of Fallujah


by Editorial

The strength of the anti-war movement has ensured that Iraq has become the defining issue for Tony Blair's second term.

by Editorial

The mass movement is on the move. It is coming to London and the European Social Forum (ESF) this month.

by Matt Foot

Matt Foot looks at the implications of Asbos, from the ridiculous to the draconian.

by Simon Hester

Serious injuries such as scalpings, fractures and burns have been removed from the Health and Safety Executive's 'mandatory investigation'...

by Dave Crouch

Widely billed as 'Russia's 9/11', the Beslan hostage tragedy in September, and the downing of two passenger aircraft by Chechen suicide bombers...

by Dave Crouch

Ukraine, by far the biggest of the former Soviet satellites, continues to be rocked by a scandal over the murder of a journalist.

by George Morgan

Regardless of who wins the election in Australia [the result was due just after Socialist Review went to press] one group that is certain...


Nir Rosen

Earlier this year Nir Rosen of Asia Times visited the resistance-held city of Fallujah. This is an edited version of his travelogue, which can be read in full at...

Lindsey German

Manoeuvres at Labour Party conference showed contempt for democracy here and in Iraq.

Andrew Stone

Andrew Stone questions the claims of some dubious representatives of the Iraqi working class.

Mubin Haq

As David Blunkett attempts to create a climate of fear, Mubin Haq looks at the real impact of the proposed Civil Contingencies Bill.

Allyson Pollock

Prescriptions for more market forces in the NHS are not a healthy development, writes Allyson Pollock.


by The Walrus

Deep inside Silvio Berlusconi's batcave, did the demon Bliar really imagine that all he needed to do was to round up a few other cartoon baddies like Milburn and Mandelson to startle the nation...

by Chris Harman

The anti-capitalist and anti-war movements of the last five years show enormous similarities with the movements of the late 1960s and early 1970s. But there is, so far, one big difference.

by Mike Davis

Hurricane Ivan highlights US rulers' contempt for the black and poor - a contempt echoed by John Kerry's campaign

by Martin Empson

Film websites are becoming venues for heated political debates.

by Andrew Stone

'Cocky, aloof and arrogant' was how the Guardian described him. 'A preening male chauvinist pig' was the opinion of the Independent on Sunday's editorial. A Tory columnist summed him...


by Ben Drake

Radicalisation ('The Heat is On the Bosses', September SR)? You'd better believe it!

by Tony Barnsley

Socialist Review was right to say last month that confidence is beginning to return to the rank and file....

by Paul Ellis

Phil Knight's article on Dylan Thomas (September SR) mentions his screenplay Rebecca's Daughters as...

by John P Johnston

Thank you, Hugh Lowe, (Letters, September SR) for your intelligent and informative insights into the pension...

by Ian Wallace

The Sheffield Socialist Review book club met for the first time on a cold Sunday evening last month in the extremely pleasant surroundings of Cafe #9 in Nether Edge.


by Simon Assaf, by John Rose

John Rose, author of a new book on Israel, spoke to Simon Assaf about the roots of Zionism and the Palestinian struggle today.


by Kevin Best

The politics of Perry Anderson reveal a lot to Kevin Best.

by Lindsey German

Review of 'The Closed Circle' by Jonathan Coe, Viking £17.99

by Sam Ashman

Review of 'What's Wrong with America?' by Jonathan Neale, Vision £10.99

by Anna Livingstone

Review of 'NHS plc' by Allyson M Pollock, Verso £15.99

by Chris Bambery

Review of 'Violence and the Great Estates in the South of Italy' by Frank Snowden, Cambridge University Press £18.99

by Sasha Simic

Review of 'Persepolis 2' by Marjane Satrapi, Jonathan Cape £12.99

by John Newsinger

Review of 'Stalin's British Victims' by Francis Beckett, Sutton £20

by Michael Hepworth

Review of 'Love All the People' by Bill Hicks, Constable £12.99

by Sarah Ensor

Discount CD shops buy up Trotsky - Where next for anti-capitalism? - Michael Moore latest - Political cartoon books - Hardt and Negri reach a mass market

by Pat Stack

Review of 'Inside I'm Dancing', director Damien O'Donnell

by Sam Ashman

Review of 'My Summer of Love', director Pawil Pawlikowski

by Farah Reza

Review of 'Bride and Prejudice', director Gurinder Chadha

by Stephen Philip

Two different revenge movies - Film festivals are turning political

by Amy Lane

Review of '1984', director Michael Radford

by Sabby Sagall

Review of 'Embedded' by Tim Robbins, Riverside Studios and 'Stuff Happens' by David Hare, National Theatre

by Adeola Johnson

Review of 'Black President: The Art and Legacy of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti', Barbican Centre, London

by Nick Grant

'As concerned mothers, women and most importantly concerned Americans, we are compelled to do what we can to inspire other voters to get involved in this year's election. We hope our participation...

by Brian Richardson

A handful of albums stand out among the popular music industry's early autumn releases.

Art / Exhibitions
by Angela Stapleford

Before the age of television, the work of photographers was often the only source of visual information to a public hungry for news. Henri Cartier-Bresson, who died recently at the age of 96, was...