Socialist Review issue

October 2007 #318

Black Britain today


by Patrick Ward

In September the Home Office gave permission for a year long trial of taser electric shock weapons to non firearm trained police officers.

by Patrick Ward

According to an Associated Press poll in February, the average US citizen believes the Iraqi death toll to be just 9,890.

by Patrick Ward

Students are not allowed to talk to one another unless they have been noted as having been very well behaved. As the children suffer serious...

by Graham Turner, by Patrick Ward

The recent ructions in financial markets and the collapse of Northern Rock have a familiar ring.


Mike Gonzalez

As town square debates on Hugo Chavez's constitutional amendments rage in Venezuela, Mike Gonzalez considers whether they will deepen democracy or further centralise power.

Abbie Bakan

What can an internet-surfing generation learn from the struggle of workers, soldiers and peasants 90 years ago? Abbie Bakan celebrates the Russian Revolution of October 1917

Michael Bradley

Much has been written about the American Civil War, but less is known about the decisive role of black soldiers in the conflict. Michael Bradley unearths the role of free blacks and escaped slaves...


Letter from
by Ernesto Gonzalez

When workers occupied the Chilavert printshop in Buenos Aires it was threatened with closure. Ernesto Gonzalez, a Chilavert printer, describes running the factory under workers' control.

In my view column
by Lindsey German

Anyone who has recently tried to obtain a mortgage or loan will have known Northern Rock long before the current crisis broke - it was a byword for favourable rates.

Union-made column
by Mark Serwotka

The sight of Gordon Brown greeting Margaret Thatcher warmly at the door of Number 10 must have left most Labour supporters aghast.

In perspective column
by Chris Harman

We are encouraged to believe that capitalism is the natural and only way for people to live. But, unexpectedly, for all their faults, glimpses of other cultures in TV programmes like Tribe...

Culture column
by Martin Smith

Atlanta International Airport is a major transportation centre for US troops going to serve in Iraq. I happened to be passing through the day after General Petraeus gave his report on the so...

A-Z of Socialism
by Martin Empson

The ecological relationship between human society and the planet's environment has become a major preoccupation for thousands of people around the world.


by Iain Taylor

In her column last month (In my view, Socialist Review, September 2007) Lindsey German implies several steps...

by Mike Barton

Billy Hayes, in his article on old fashioned values (Union-made, Socialist Review, September 2007), made a...

by Keith Shilson

I think Tim Sanders's and Keith Flett's rendering of Chris Harman's A People's History of the World in cartoon form should be congratulated for bringing this masterly work to an audience...


by Brian Richardson, by Paul Gilroy

Author Paul Gilroy tells Brian Richardson why he hopes images of past moments of everyday life and struggle will inspire a new generation


by Chris Nineham

Naomi Klein talks about her new book with Chris Nineham and discusses some of the controversies it has raised.

by Suzanne Jeffery

Raj Patel, Portobello Books, £16.99

by Dan Mayer

Eds: Mike Haynes and Jim Wolfreys, Verso, £17.99

by Chris Bambery

Alexander Rabinowitch, Indiana University Press, £17.99

by Kelly Hilditch

Eds: Mike Davis and Daniel Bertrand Monk, The New Press, £16.99

by Simon Assaf

Eds: Lloyd C Gardner and Marilyn B Young, The New Press, £17.99

by Colin Wilson

David Eisenbach, Carroll and Graf, £9.99

by Mary Phillips

Hari Kunzru, Hamish Hamilton, £16.99

by Patrick Ward

Various, Verso, £7.99


The Occupation - Marx in London - Street Art and the War on Terror - Weather or Not... It's a Climate for Change

by Sally Campbell

Director: Timur Bekmambetov; Release date: 5 October

by Jinan Coulter

Director: Gavin Hood; Release date: 19 October

by Diana Swingler

Director: Michael Moore; Release date: 26 October

by Kevin Best

Director: Tony Gilroy; Release date: out now

by Sarah Ensor

Director: Julie Gavras; Release date: 26 October

by Siobhan Brown

by Rebecca Manley (based on original novel by Richard McSween)

by Pete Segal

Gilad Atzmon

by Simon Behrman

Mahler: Symphony No 5

Art / Exhibitions
by Simon Gilbert

British Museum, until 5 April 2008

Five Things Listing

Tom Paine - Babyshambles - War posters - Paintings influenced by photography - Courtney Pine