Socialist Review issue

October 2008 #329

Capitalism in crisis


by Judith Orr

It will be years for the full effects of the crash of September 2008 to be felt.

by Patrick Ward

As suited City workers laden with cardboard boxes left their glass and steel monuments to the free market for the last time, Bloomberg, the cable...

by Joseph Choonara

The US government is frantically relieving banks of their "toxic assets". But even the huge amount of dollars used for the buyouts is unlikely to...

by Leo Zeilig

It was difficult to watch the power-sharing deal signing ceremony between Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and the...

by Patrick Ward

One of the questions on certain people's lips as a result of the economic crisis is, "Where should I put my savings?"

by Patrick Ward

One of the other questions on certain people's lips is, "Where should I put my children?"


Alex Callinicos

As the worst economic crisis since the 1929 crash rips through the world's markets, Alex Callinicos analyses the factors driving ever greater political instabilities across the globe

Chris Harman

The ruling classes of the US and Britain are reeling in the face of the economic meltdown of their system and the real character of capitalism is exposed, writes Chris Harman

Sean Vernell

Profound economic crisis and renewed militancy from the working class means the relevance of Marxist ideas for 21st century trade unionism, and the role socialists can play within the movement, is...


Letter from
by Denis Goddard

The victory of conservative Nicolas Sarkozy last year has led to disorientation for the mainstream left. But this can offer exciting possibilities for anti-capitalists, argues Denis Godard

In my view column
by Lindsey German

I was rather surprised when someone said to me recently, "You almost have to admire Sarah Palin."

Union-made column
by Mark Serwotka

On occasion I get mail (some of it signed) telling me to stick to union issues and stay out of politics.

Culture column
by Mike Gonzalez

It might be said that Andy Warhol's most important art work was himself, or at least himself and the circle that he created around him - The Factory.

A-Z of Socialism
by Grace Lally

References to production come up all the time in Marxist writing.


by Kirstie Richardson

In response to Andy Aitken (Feedback, Socialist Review, September 2008) dismissing dance as a middle class...

by Roger Huddle

In the week I read Andy Aitken's letter (Feedback, Socialist Review, September 2008) I heard an emotional,...

by Gordon Blair

For those of us who share Andy Aitken's prejudice against high art (Feedback, Socialist Review, September 2008...

by Paul Haste

I was disappointed with Alasdair Smith's review of Shane Meadows' film Somers Town (Culture, Socialist Review,...


by Lee Billingham

Jon McClure, lead singer of Sheffield band, Reverend and The Makers, hosted the recent 4,500-strong Love Music Hate Racism Rotherham Carnival. He speaks to Lee Billingham about his music and...


by Andy Durgan

Pierre Broué and Emile Témime, Haymarket, £30

by Des Freedman

Theodore Hamm, The New Press, £14.99

by Laura Miles

Eds: Mary Compton and Lois Weiner, Palgrave Macmillan, £16.99

by Clare Fermont

John Le Carré, Hodder & Stoughton, £18.99

by Colin Wilson

Polly Toynbee and David Walker, Granta Books, £12.99

by Andy Ridley

John Berger, Verso, £12.99

by John Parrington

Ben Goldacre, Fourth Estate, £12.99

by Gaverne Bennett

George Pelecanos, Orion, £12.99

by Simon Assaf

John R Bradley, Palgrave Macmillan, £14.99

by Beth Stone

Irène Némirovsky, Chatto & Windus, £16.99

by Patrick Ward

Philip Roth, Jonathan Cape, £16.99

by Charlotte Bence

Duncan Campbell, Headline, £7.99

by Jennifer Jones

Michael Moore, Penguin Books, £7.99


Benn Diary - Great Partition - British Empire - Rosen on Grief

by Vicky Williamson

Charles Stross, Orbit, £7.99

by Jacob Middleton

Selwyn Parker, Piatkus, £12.99

by Simon Byrne

Yuan-Tsung Chen, Union Square Press, £8.99

by Louis Bayman

Director: Matteo Garrone; Release date: 10 October

by Jacqui Freeman

Directors: Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas; Release date: out now


Director: Dominic Lees; Release date: 24 October

Art / Exhibitions
by John Molyneux

Tate Britain

Five Things Listing

Le Corbusier - War Photos - Cheltenham - Roll Deep - London Film Festival