Socialist Review issue

October 2012 #373

South Africa after the Marikana strike


by Sean Vernell

It is sometimes said that trade union conferences are merely the echo of the battle rather than the battle itself. If so then the TUC conference...

by Ian Taylor

Seldom does the struggle for justice intrude on, let alone dominate, media sports coverage, but the report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel...

by Roddy Slorach

The Paralympics were, it is universally agreed, the most successful yet. All the venues sold out, and Channel 4's coverage reached just shy of 40...

by John Kelly

In 2007 General Richard Dannatt, head of the UK armed forces, complained, "The British public do not support the troops enough." Within weeks a...

by Michael Rosen

The crisis in the marking of this year's GCSEs should give us one reason to be grateful: it has exposed the farce that is at the heart of our...


Simon Assaf

With the regime of Bashar Assad desperately trying to cling to power, the death toll has risen to 30,000 fighters since Syria's revolution began. Simon Assaf argues that the revolution remains...

Mark Kilian

The Second World War is usually portrayed as a "good war". But in a recent book Donny Gluckstein argues that the war was both an imperialist war and a people's war. Mark Kilian explores this...

Anne Alexander

The waves of strikes that have swept Egypt since the overthrow of Mubarak have fractured the state machine, giving a boost to reformist forces. Anne Alexander looks at how revolutionaries should...


In my view column
by Dave Renton

Dave Renton writing as Judge Red

The Employment Reform and Regulatory Reform Bill, currently before parliament, contains a series of measures which are likely to make life harder for every...

In my view column
by Mike Orr

Cultural boycott of Israel

Revolutionary Lessons
by Jo Cardwell

Economy Class


China's growth/Unite the union


by Rebecca Short, by Estelle Cooch, by Anthony Arnove, by David Horspool

Anthony Arnove and David Horspool are co-editors of a new book of speeches and writings by British rebels and radicals from 1066 to the present. They spoke to Rebecca Short and Estelle Cooch

by Claire Ceruti

The killing by police of 34 striking platinum miners at Marikana echoed the worst massacres of the old apartheid era. Socialist Review spoke to Claire Ceruti, a South African socialist, about the...


by Paul Blackledge

Ian Fraser and Lawrence Wilde

by Xanthe Rose

Lydia Cacho

by Jamie Woodcock

Michael A Lebowitz

by Estelle Cooch

Edited by Tara Povey and Elaheh Rostami-Povey

by Becca Dye

Since 1962 when art critic John Berger uprooted himself from the hectic rat race of London he has lived in a renovated old barn in the depths of the Haute-Savoie valley in eastern France. Here he...

by Rhys Williams

Eyal Weizman

by Ellie May

Allan Cameron

Classic reads
by Emma Davis

Upton Sinclair

by Jaswinder Blackwell-Pal

Directed by Walter Salez, released on 12 October

by Paul Lloyd

Directed by Theo Angelopoulos, available now on DVD and digital download

by Sally Campbell

Directed by Tanya Wexler, out now

by Alexandra Sayer

Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler is being performed at the Old Vic Theatre, London, until 10 November

by Jennifer Wilkinson

Caryl Churchill's new play at the Royal Court Theatre, London, until 13 October

by Mark Dunk

Ry Cooder's new album, out now

Art / Exhibitions
by Colin Wilson

At Tate Britain, until 13 January

Art / Exhibitions
by Jeff Jackson

Imperial War Museum, London, until 1 January