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October 2019 #450

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Economic warnings


by Shaun Doherty
The ruling of the Supreme Court that Boris Johnson acted unlawfully when he prorogued parliament is not without significance, but when the liberal...
by Sally Campbell
The global climate strike on Friday 20 September surpassed all expectations. Greta Thunberg has estimated there were over 4 million protesting...
by Colm Bryce
The challenge of what to do about border arrangements in Ireland has haunted the Brexit process. In the week that the British parliament was...
by Rob Fraser
The failure of Thomas Cook at the end of September reflects several aspects of contemporary capitalism. Europe’s airlines and travel groups are...


Joseph Choonara

All the signals suggest the global economy could be heading for another recession. Joseph Choonara looks at the factors behind a crisis that the system could find difficult to resolve.

Raymie Kiernan

Trouble for the Scottish Tories, the shifting sands of the Brexit crisis and growing disillusion with the Scottish National Party’s neoliberal policies in practice have all combined to created a...

Mao's revolution was not socialist
Adrian Budd

As China launches its official celebrations marking 70 years since the revolution of 1949, Adrian Budd looks at the longer context of what was a national revolution, far from any vision of...

Laura Miles

A combination of racism, unemployment, housing shortages and post-war disillusion led to a series of terrible attacks on black communities following the end of the First World War. Laura Miles...

Mark Perryman

Left wing author and Labour Party activist Mark Perryman spoke to Socialist Review about his new book Corbynism From Below, a collection of articles by writers in and around the Labour Party.


by Simon Assaf
Donald Trump has learned that the Middle East is a complex and dangerous place where bellicose threats on Twitter count for little. The US president has been talking up the threat of war on Iran...
by Naima Omar

This is the first of three columns looking at the life, politics and activism of Angela Davis, a living icon for revolutionaries

by Lam Chi Leung

Last month we spoke to Hong Kong revolutionary socialist Lam Chi Leung about the mass movement. Following events in the past month, as well as reponses from readers, we caught up with him again....


by Lawrence Wong
Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam’s withdrawal of the Extradition Bill is a victory. And the protestors’ four other outstanding demands are entirely achievable within the framework of “One Country...
by Fred Lindop
I’d like to add a couple of points to Dave Lyddon’s response to Sabby Sagall’s article in July/August edition of SR. I spent a long time talking to and recording dockers in London (mainly at the...
by Megan James
Mike McGrath (Feedback, September SR) repeats Malthus’s mistake in asserting that the cause of climate change is the number of people alive. There is a direct link between increasing greenhouse...


by Mark Thomas

As Cas Mudde points out early in this book, we now face a situation where three of the biggest countries in the world have elected leaders expressing far right views — Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil,...

by Mark Farmer

This is a book about making amends. In particular, it is about the way that modern Germany has come to view, and deal with, the legacy of the Holocaust. The author is a Jewish American, originally...

by Olivia Alessi

You Will Be Safe Here leaps from South Africa in 1901 to South Africa in 2014. The story of the country in 1901 covers the concentration camps that the British set up to imprison South Africans...

by Sally Kincaid

Sylvia Pankhurst took two life-changing lecture tours around America, three months in 1911 and then again in 1912. On return from her second trip she broke politically with her mother and sister....

by Dave Clinch

Peter Linebaugh has produced another masterful history “from below”. This author is no respecter of national borders. This is a history of the struggle for commons over the centuries, both...

by Dermot Smyth

During the Banking Crash of 2008/9, Firefighting’s authors, Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner and “Hank” Paulson, headed up the US Federal Reserve Board, the NY Federal Reserve Bank and the Whitehouse...

by Tony Phillips

This book tells you everything you need to know about the background, recording and legacy of The Wichita Lineman, a classic country pop ballad that helped to launch the careers of both singer...

by Sally Campbell

Unbelievable is a quietly devastating drama based on the true story of an 18 year old woman who in 2008 reported to police that she had been raped at knife-point by an intruder, only to be...

by Stephanie Onamade

MC Rapsody’s third album follows Laila’s Wisdom, which was nominated for Best Rap Album at 2017’s Grammys, helping open doors for other female rappers who at the time had not won in this category...

by Sam York

East Ham’s grime pioneer, Kano fires back against a broken system, racism and wealth inequality in his sixth album – Hoodies All Summer. After the release of Made in the Manor in 2016, Kano once...

by David Gilchrist

A prolific playwright, Ödön von Horváth wrote his first novel Youth Without God in 1938, a year before his death. He remained in Germany for a few years after the Nazis gained power, but was a...

Five Things Listing

Top Boy
Season 3 on Netflix now
Six years after the second season ended on Channel 4, Netflix has brought...

by Colm Bryce

The first few episodes of this seven-part series, tracing the 30 years of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, lean heavily on sensational claims, such as Ian Paisley financing loyalist bombings in...