Socialist Review issue

September 2003 #277

Their war, our resistance


'It was grim, it was grim for me, grim for TB [Tony Blair] and there is this huge stuff about trust.' So lamented New Labour's chief spin-doctor...

by Solomon Hughes

Was Alastair Campbell responsible for the government's deliberate lies about Iraq's 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'? The Hutton inquiry evidence...

Badge "endangers" aircraft - Cabinet Office IT company run by former Tory minister - New Labour schools minister can't do sums

by Rob Hoveman

The decision taken by the Socialist Alliance at its annual conference in May to explore the possibilities of building a broader and more credible...

by Dave Davies

Workers' confidence has continued to show signs of recovery in the last couple of months. The huge stop the war movement has politicised a whole...

by Solomon Hughes

Before the war, John Barry of Newsweek produced an amazing scoop. He obtained a leaked copy of the interview between General Kamal, Saddam'...

by Nick Dearden

War on Want and Justice for Colombia organised a mock execution of 13 British trade union leaders and several MPs outside parliament recently, in...


Alex Callinicos

Two years after Washington launched the 'war on terrorism', Alex Callinicos examines the motivations of the neo-cons and the difficulties they face.

Anne Ashford

Anne Ashford charts the resistance to the occupation of Iraq.

Tim Smith

Britain is colluding in torturing prisoners from the Afghan war.

Andrew Murray, Lindsey German

Andrew Murray and Lindsey German reflect on the achievements of the anti-war movement.

Salma Yaqoob

Chair of the Birmingham Stop the War Coalition Salma Yaqoob proposes her ideas for a progressive alternative to New Labour.

Ian Birchall

Thirty years ago the left wing government of Chile was drowned in blood. Ian Birchall tries to draw lessons from the tragedy.

Sally Campbell

Sally Campbell investigates claims that 'time is the new money' for women workers.

Leo Zeilig

Leo Zeilig traces the history of the crisis gripping Liberia.


Letter from
by Mike Davis

Author Mike Davis explores the seedy overbelly of the US.

by Martin Empson

'Distributed Computing' is one of the most interesting computing phenomena of recent years. Millions of people voluntarily take part in projects that use their computers to aid scientific research...

by The Walrus

The defeat of Mick Rix has important lessons - but not those the Blairites would have us believe.

by Chris Harman

What happens when social democracy fails to deliver concessions?

by Mike Gonzalez

ER's visit to the Congo was revealing in unintended ways.

by Pat Stack

Tony Blair tells it like it isn't to Pat Stack.


by Phil Windeatt

It was extremely satisfying to see the coverage of the George Orwell centenary (July/August SR).

by Scott Lucas

I read John Newsinger's review of the recent biographies of Orwell (July/August SR) with a smile, as it seemed to bear out my contention that 'Orwell' is primarily used today as a political weapon...

by Paul Embery

As co-editor of the rank and file paper for firefighters, Red Watch - and, indeed, a member of the Labour Party - I can assure Martin Wicks that our publication is not an SWP front (Letters...

by Farhang Tabrizi

In her article (July/August SR) Elaheh Rostami Povey provides a general picture of recent protests in Iran.

by Mark Longden

Saying, as Nick Grant does (Letters, July/August SR), that all violence in films constitutes a drip-drip effect making us inured to the real violence inflicted on us every day by the ruling class...

by Paul Jenkins

At the Marxism 2003 event anti-racist activist Asad Rehman talked, quite rightly, of the BNP's shift to focusing on northern England, largely as a result of the resistance the Nazis have faced...

by Rory Palmer

Pat Stack's amusing attack on the guff-espousing excrement that is David Aaronovitch (July/August SR) is telling and engaging.

by Huw Pudner

The New Labour controlled Neath Port Talbot council, together with its PFI partner HLC recently succeeded in building a giant incinerator complex...


by Sarah Ensor

Review of 'Parecon', Michael Albert, Verso £16

by Mark Brown

Review of 'War', Harold Pinter, Faber and Faber, £5

by Mike Gonzalez

Review of 'Reclaim The State', Hilary Wainwright, Verso £15 and 'Radicals in Power', Gianpaolo Baiocchi, Zed Books £14.95

by Dave Sherry

Review of 'Discovering the Scottish Revolution', Neil Davidson, Pluto Press, £17.99

by Solomon Hughes

Review of 'George Lansbury', John Shepherd, Oxford University Press, £35

by Pat Carmody

Review of 'Refusal Shoes', Tony Saint, Serpent's Tail, £10

by Clare Dissington

Review of 'Cambodia After the Khmer Rouge', Evan Gottesman, Yale University Press, £25

by Adam Marks

Review of 'Politicide', Baruch Kimmerling, Verso £15 and 'Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict', Norman G Finkelstein, Verso £15

by Eddie Prevost

Review of 'The CIA, the British Left and the Cold War', Hugh Wilford, Frank Cass, £18.50

by Amy Hicks (aged 8) and Rory Hicks (aged 12)

Review of 'Home is a Place Called Nowhere', Leon Rosselson, Oxford University Press £6.99

by Chanie Rosenberg

Review of 'The Boy David Story', director Alex McCall

by Mark Brown

Review of 'Pugilist Specialist' by The Riot Group/Adriano Shaplin, Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

by Berit Kuennecke

Review of 'Edward II' by Christopher Marlowe, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London

by Sasha Simic

Review of 'Hobson's Choice' by Harold Brighouse, Young Vic, London, then touring

by Nick Grant

Review of 'Goodbye Swingtime', Matthew Herbert Big Band, Accidental Records £13.99