Socialist Review issue

September 2006 #309

Why raunch culture can't liberate women


Simon Basketter

Twenty five years ago Irish Republicans in British jails were fighting for the right to be considered political prisoners. Brutalised and abused they turned to a weapon of last resort, a hunger...


Interviews with those involved in the hunger strikes

Third World Report (Africa)
Leo Zeilig

The presidential elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were the first national vote in the country for more than four decades.

Third World Report (Asia)
Viren Swami

Almost ten years ago the brutal Suharto regime in Indonesia was swept away by a tide of social and political unrest following the economic crisis of 1998.

Third World Report (Latin America)
Mike Gonzalez

For the first time in 47 years Fidel Castro is not formally in control of the Cuban state.

Third World Report (Middle East)
Phil Marfleet

An international campaign for Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel is growing rapidly.


by Noel Douglas

Cesky Sen (Czech Dream) is a film that documents the largest consumer hoax the Czech Republic has ever seen.

by Eamonn McCann

I wonder if Sir Michael Jackson permitted himself a wry smile about atrocities as he retired last month as Chief of the General Staff.

by Lindsey German

We should welcome new supporters of the Stop the War Coalition who have learnt that they were wrong through bitter experience.

by Chris Harman

Something old occurred in a number of countries in the last year, and often seemed like something new. Students' strikes, demonstrations and occupations swept Italy, France, Chile and Greece.


by Neve Gordon

While the fighting in Lebanon was still raging, many analysts claimed that Hizbollah's modern weaponry and its utilisation of civilian spaces distinguished the war from any other.

by Bidar Irani

In his "Alternatives to Neo-liberalism" (July/August SR), Alex Callinicos writes: "The great revolutionary...

by Michael Cohen

In April 2006 the 2nd International Road-Building Brigade went to Nepal to help the people of the Rolpa District. While we were there we witnessed a historic movement against the brutal and...


by Martin Empson, by Helen Caldicott

The renowned anti-nuclear activist Helen Caldicott has written a new book entitled Nuclear Power is Not the Answer. She spoke to Martin Empson about her work.

by Judith Orr

'Raunch culture isn't about opening our minds to the possibilities of sexuality. It's about reiterating one particular shorthand for sexiness'


by Megan Trudell

Megan Trudell looks at three recent books that have sought to analyse imperialism

by Judy Cox

Review of "Marx's Das Kapital", Francis Wheen, Atlantic Books £9.99

by Rob Hoveman

Review of "The Economics Of Global Turbulence", Robert Brenner, Verso £25

by Hsiao-Hung Pai

Review of "Refugees in a Global Era", Philip Marfleet, Pagrave Macmillan £19.99

by Jack Robertson

Review of "Challenge to Democracy", Ronald McIntosh, Politico's £25

by Miriam Zadik Gold

Review of "The Vinyl Ain't Final", Edited by Dipa Basu and Sidney Lemelle, Pluto £16.99

by Colin Wilson

Review of "Literature from the 'Axis of Evil'", Eds: Words Without Borders, The New Press $25

by Charlie Hore

Review of "Shanghai Dreams", Director: Wang Xiaoshuai

by Nick Grant

Review of "World Trade Center", Director: Oliver Stone

by Keith McKenna

Opposition to war was the overarching theme at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Keith McKenna takes a look back at some of the best productions.

by Simon Behrman

Russian composer Dimitri Shostakovich was born 100 years ago. Simon Behrman looks at the music of an artist whose life was intertwined with the fate of the 1917 revolution.