Socialist Review issue

September 2008 #328

The clash of imperialisms


by Talat Ahmed

In a long resignation speech, General Pervez Musharraf, dictator of Pakistan, finally stood down last month.

by Patrick Ward

Julian Critchley, former director of the Cabinet Office Anti-Drug Co-ordination Unit, argued last month that Britain's drugs policy "doesn't work...

by Goretti Horgan

Imagine living where the prime minister believes in creationism, the chair of your parliament's health committee believes "it is the duty of...

by Michelle Robidoux

"I should have been in New Orleans, not in Iraq." This was the conclusion that Corey Glass, former sergeant in the US National Guard, came to...

by Patrick Ward

"I don't know what I'm going to tell the landlord. The door is off its hinges and there is a big hole in it," said Oldham resident Aaron West...

by Patrick Ward

The speed at which the Georgia-Russia conflict erupted forced media outlets to provide background facts rapidly and accurately.

by Patrick Ward

The town of Harrold, Texas, has a novel plan for dealing with troublesome school kids: give guns to teachers.


Charlie Kimber

As increasing numbers of workers take action over pay Charlie Kimber examines the political dimension of the strikes and looks at the lessons we can learn from the past.

Dave Crouch

What lies behind the conflict between Georgia and Russia? Dave Crouch explains why the Caucasus has become the new front for US imperialism.

Paul Vernell, Chris Carter

English teacher Paul Vernell and maths teacher Chris Carter explain how the Alternative Futures curriculum group at their 11 to 18 mixed comprehensive on the edge of Bristol is putting social...


Letter from
by Li Qiang

The Beijing Olympics prompted attacks from many in the West over China's human rights record. But, argues Li Qiang, Western multinationals are central to the exploitation of Chinese workers

In my view column
by Lindsey German

The credit crunch has wiped £600 billion - more than £1 million a minute - from Britain's total wealth in the past year.

Union-made column
by Clara Osagiede

I was an activist from a young age. As a student in Nigeria I was secretary of the national students' organisation in my university. I had a political background - I lived with a political uncle...

In perspective column
by Chris Harman

It comes easy for liberal commentators to condemn some human rights abuses and invasions, but why do they always stop short of denouncing the outrages perpetrated by the Western powers?

Culture column
by Martin Smith

I'm in trouble with some readers of this magazine. It all stems from my column about dance in the last issue. Several people have objected to me writing about dance and "bourgeois" institutions...

A-Z of Socialism
by Sally Campbell

One of the common accusations thrown at Marxism by others in the movement is that it is "economistic" - it reduces everything to the economy and class relations and therefore can't deal adequately...


by Rashi Shalom

Gary Younge reminds us that Senator Barack Obama is not a radical; he is a realist (Feature, Socialist Review, ...

by Megan Trudell

Gary Younge (Feature, Socialist Review, July/August 2008) is right to stress the historical importance of a...

by Andy Aitken

One of the main reasons I read Socialist Review is because of Martin Smith's columns on culture and music.

by John Wight

I enjoyed and agree with the analysis of Mike Gonzalez in his piece on the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) (Frontlines, Socialist Review,...


by Gaverne Bennett, by George Pelecanos

The Wire has been dubbed the greatest series on TV. George Pelecanos, one of the writers and producers of the show, talks to Gaverne Bennett.


by Mary Brodbin

Sarah Wise, The Bodley Head, £20

by Dave Sherry

Dexter Filkins, The Bodley Head, £18.99

by Sean Purdy

Richard Bourne, Zed Books, £16.99

by Alex Callinicos

Mark Steel, Simon & Schuster, £12.99

by Brian Richardson

Walter Mosley, Black Classic Press, £16.99

by Neil Faulkner

Ellen Meiksins Wood, Verso, £16.99

by Charlie Kimber

Jules Marchal, Verso, £16.99

by James Haywood

Mike Davis, Verso, £7.99

by Patrick Ward

Steven Schofield, Campaign Against Arms Trade, £3


Slavery - Mars and Venus - Stencil art - Kahlo to colour in

by Andrew Stone

Tim Tzouliadis, Little, Brown, £20

by Alasdair Smith

Director: Shane Meadows; Release date: out now

by Alan Kenny

Director: Dennis Gansel; Release date: 19 September

by Louis Bayman

Director: Nic Balthazar; Release date: out now

by Bob Light

Director: Bill Douglas

by Keith McKenna

The dramatisation of interviews with people caught up in political events played an increasing part in shows at this year's Edinburgh Festival.

by Paul Fredericks

Written by Caroline David

by Liz Wheatley

Stephanie McKay

Art / Exhibitions
by Hsiao-Hung Pai

Huang Yong Ping, Barbican, London until 21 September

Five Things Listing

South African music - Hong Kong film - God on trial in Auschwitz - anti-war film - John Berger live