Socialist Review issue

September 2009 #339

A new spirit of resistance


by Donna Guthrie

The Nazi British National Party (BNP) had hoped to build on the election of their two MEPs in June. Instead they have found themselves hounded...

by Patrick Ward

The front pages of the evening papers on 1 April reported a battle being waged by brave police against rampaging hordes of anarchists in the City...

by Simon Basketter

Britain secures privileged access to Libya's oil riches; Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi claims a diplomatic victory on the eve of celebrations to...

by Joseph Choonara

"Global Economic Recovery Is Growing, Says IMF." This Daily Mail headline was typical of the media's response to signs of economic recovery in...

by Patrick Ward

Oddly enough, this magazine didn't review the Matthew Horne and James Corden film, Lesbian Vampire Killers.

by Patrick Ward

Sarah Ferguson donated ten days of her life to visit and sort out Manchester's Northern Moor housing estate for ITV's The Duchess on the Estate...


Charlie Kimber

Unofficial strikes, occupations and rank and file action - we need to learn from the new struggles by trade unionists and non-unionised workers alike, argues Charlie Kimber.

Ian Terry

When a group of ununionised Vestas workers occupied their factory this summer they had to learn fast. Vestas worker Ian Terry writes about the lessons of the struggle.

Jonathan Neale

The workers at Vestas on the Isle of Wight have not won yet. But even without winning, they have done more for environmental politics in this country than a hundred conferences.

Ian Taylor

Revelations of illegal practices on Rupert Murdoch's newspapers show one aspect of a media empire built on deceit. Ian Taylor considers News Corporation, New Labour and the move that made Murdoch'...

Ghada Karmi

As the US makes plans for new talks between Israel and Mahmoud Abbas's administration, Palestinian author and activist Ghada Karmi, just back from the Occupied Territories, challenges the claim...


Letter from
by Trevor Ngwane

Angry at betrayals by leaders of the national liberation movement, working class protests are taking on a new militancy, reports Trevor Ngwane.

In my view column
by Lindsey German

The summer of 2009 marked the time when the war in Afghanistan came back to haunt the British government.

In perspective column
by Chris Harman

There can be no guarantee as to which forces will win out in Tehran. But those on the left who were hostile to the huge protests are in danger of lining up with those who want to crush the...

Culture column
by Martin Smith

This summer Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) was invited to open one of the largest European music festivals, the Sziget festival in Budapest, and I was sent along to compere the event.

A-Z of Socialism
by Judith Orr

When thousands of women workers went on strike on International Women's Day in Petrograd, Russia, in 1917 they had ignored advice from Bolshevik party leaders to "keep cool".


by Steve Sparks

Alex Callinicos is correct that there is not a generalised shift to the right in British society (Feature, Socialist...

by Naz Massoumi

Compare the media coverage of the elections in Iran and Afghanistan. When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won the disputed presidential election in Iran in June the Western media celebrated the mass protests...

by Mark L Thomas

Andy Beckett in the Guardian recently took the left in general, and the...


by Judith Orr, by Tariq Ali

Rising military casualties have stimulated public debate about the war in Afghanistan. Judith Orr asks writer, broadcaster and activist Tariq Ali about the war and the prospects for the US...


by Sasha Simic

David Lawday, Jonathan Cape; £20

by Sara Tomlinson

Sharon Beder, Pluto; £15.99

by Gareth Jenkins

Ernst Bloch, Verso; £14.99

by Andrea Butcher

Abi Grant, Picador; £11.99

by Roger Huddle

Norbert Lynton, Yale University Press; £35

by Sian Ruddick

Malalai Joya, Rider Books; £11.99

by Phil Deacon

Walden Bello, Verso; £7.99

by Mary Brodbin

Pauline Melville, Telegram Books; £12.99

by James Haywood

Ben White, Pluto; £9.99

by Stephen Martin

Verso, £7.99

by Colin Wilson

Eds: Mark Bould and China Miéville, Pluto; £19.99


Burma - Resistance - Michael Rosen - Streets

by Sasha Simic

Steven Lukes, Verso; £7.99

by Bob Light

Director: Kathryn Bigelow; Release date: out now

by Adam Lambert

Director: Simon Pearce; Release date: 11 September

by Elane Heffernan

Director: Andrea Arnold; Release date: 11 September

by Sally Campbell

Director: Pedro Almodovar; Release date: out now

by Keith McKenna

This year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe included shows about those involved in political struggle along with a powerful new play from a theatre company campaigning against rendition.

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