Socialist Review issue

September 2011 #361

After the riots


by Mark L Thomas

There is now much discussion about whether the British economy is heading back into recession.

by Jonathan Neale

Last month Obama and the Republicans agreed a last minute compromise on the US national debt ceiling.

by Mark L Thomas

The revolutions that have swept the Arab world have received an unexpected echo: on the streets of Israel. In July, the New York Times reported on...

by Jack Farmer

In the face of last month's rioting, David Cameron responded with all the eloquence of a Daily Express columnist after a double espresso.


Brian Richardson

The riots that exploded on the streets of London and other English cities last month provoked a vicious backlash by politicians and the media. Brian Richardson argues that the rage people...

Estelle Cooch

The phone hacking scandal has rapidly spread to engulf the police, the government and sections of the media. Estelle Cooch looks at the crisis of legitimacy spreading through the British...

Ian Taylor

It's seldom the daily news brings joy such as the News of the World phone-hacking scandal.

Phil Marfleet

The Islamist mass rally in Cairo on 29 July showed the deepening alliance between some Islamists and the ruling army council. But, argues
Phil Marfleet, the Islamists are an unstable...

Phil Marfleet
Salafis Salafis have been concerned mainly with details of ritual, dress and personal morality. They are often referred to in Egypt as "Sunnis", with the implication that they are concerned...
Charlie Kimber

The autumn is likely to see a renewal of strikes over the assault on public sector pensions. Charlie Kimber looks at the pressures on the big unions to join the fight.

Sean Vernell

The anger over pensions runs much deeper than this single issue. But some in the trade union movement have argued to keep the fight focused on this question alone.


Letter from
by Dave Handley

Six months on from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Dave Handley assesses the mood in Japan.

In my view column
by Terry Eagleton

Why are some in the West so terrified of Muslims? There are many tediously familiar answers: because they are all potential terrorists, because they are a drain on the social services, because...

In perspective column
by Jack Farmer

The 11 September terror attacks were used to justify the West's "war on terror". But what is the legacy of 9/11 today?

Revolutionary Lessons
by Regi Pilling

Regi Pilling looks at what Leon Trotsky meant by permanent revolution and if it still has relevance today.

Culture column
by Martin Smith

I believe a world without art and leisure would be a world devoid of hope, beauty and imagination. And it would indeed be an inhuman world that left no space for any creativity or relaxation. Yet...


Marvellous Mahler Simon Behrman's piece (Feature, Socialist Review Culture column, July/August 2011) brings Gustav Mahler back centre-stage as well he should be. Mahler's often harsh and...


by Gareth Jenkins

S S Prawer

by John Cooper

Frederic Jameson

by Francine Koubel

Greg Muttitt

by John Charlton

Joe Allen

by Paul Blackledge

István Mészáros

by Sasha Simic

Daša Drndic

Classic reads
by Kevin Devine

James Plunkett

First published in 1969


The Obama Syndrome
Tariq Ali
(Verso, £7.99)

This edition of Tariq Ali's deeply critical analysis of President Obama includes new material on the Tea Party and the...

by Michael Lavalette

John Foot

by Rachel Eborall

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy directed by Tomas Alfredson is one of the most eagerly anticipated films of this year. The film is based on John le Carré's bestselling 1974 spy novel of the same name...

by Mary Brodbin

Are newspapers on their last legs? After all, newsprint is expensive, circulation is down, advertising revenues are plummeting and the internet provides everything faster and cheaper.


by Bob Light

In June the great socialist film-maker Ken Loach turned 75. To celebrate the British Film Institute is holding a retrospective of most of his important films and some of his matchless work for TV...

by Mark Krantz

Watch The Borgias and you will be entertained by a gripping, sumptuous drama telling the story of Rodrigo Borgia, a man who schemed, bribed and poisoned his way to become Pope Alexander VI. This...

by Keith McKenna

Opposition to the cuts is so widespread that it was bound to find its way into the Edinburgh Fringe.

On 26 March around half a million marched in London against the cuts. What happened...

Art / Exhibitions
by Ian Birchall

Jean Genet's life was very different to that of most writers. Abandoned as a baby, he spent his teenage years in a reformatory, became a thief and a gay prostitute and was repeatedly imprisoned....

Art / Exhibitions
by Noel Halifax

In art, portraits have had a poor time of it since the Second World War. Many came to think of portraiture as at best a minor form of art, inferior to the grander modernist traditions - such as...

Five Things Listing

Robert Breer - Life and Fate - The Passenger - Top Girls - truth and reconciliation