Socialist Review issue

September 2012 #372

Can we break the coaltion?


by Estelle Cooch

"There's a growing anger, a feeling of powerlessness." These were the words of one volunteer for the French charity Solidarity following dawn...

by Mark L Thomas

The world suffered the economic equivalent of a heart attack in 2008-9, triggered by the collapse of the Wall Street bank Lehman Brothers. The...

by Rob Ferguson

As half a million students begin university this month Rob Ferguson looks at the consequences of cuts and fees on applications

by Socialist Review

Considering the state of the UK economy, the figures for employment appear to present a paradox. While GDP has fallen by around 4 percent since...


Chris Jones

Our view of austerity in Greece is usually shaped by events on the mainland. Chris Jones, who lives on the island of Samos, looks at the impact of the crisis on people living in the Greek...

Charlie Kimber

Less than halfway through it's projected 5 year term of office, the Tory and Lib Dem coalition is on the rocks. Charlie Kimber argues that it's important to understand the weakness of our...

Camilla Royle

In September 1862 the conclusion of the Battle of Antietam led US president Abraham Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation declaring the end of slavery. On the 150th anniversary Camilla...

Dave Sherry

It is increasingly likely that a referendum on Scottish independence will take place in the autumn of 2014. Dave Sherry looks at the growing tensions within the Scottish National Party and argues...

Mike Haynes

Debates about China have often been focused on those who say its growth can go on for decades and those who predict imminent doom. Here Mike Haynes argues that neither approach is correct, but so...

Eddie Cimorelli

Unite is Britain's biggest union. The approach it takes to combating austerity and job losses makes a big difference to workers in all sectors. Eddie Cimorelli asks whether Unite is living up to...


In my view column
by Ruairidh MacLean

The success of movies based on iconic "costumed heroes" can hardly have escaped the notice of anybody who has been awake in the past ten years.

In my view column
by Brian Richardson

Now that the hysteria has subsided, Brian Richardson asks whether the Olympics lived up to their promise

Revolutionary Lessons
by Jack Farmer
• Keynes argued against cutting workers' wages in a recession and leaving the market to its own devices • He argued that governments should cut interest rates and directly invest to...
Culture column
by Judy Cox

Jerusalem, the song based on a poem by William Blake, is now the unofficial national anthem.


by Megan Trudell

John Newsinger

by Sasha Simic

Edited by Gabriel Kuhn

by Tash Shifrin

Daniel Trilling

by Mary Prescott

Andrea Stuart

by Dominique Richards

Michael Wayne

by Bea Kay

Edited by Ralph Fevre

by Matt Hale

Lin Noueihed and Alex Warren

by John Clossick

Irène Némirovsky
First published in 2006

by Rosalie Allain

Keira Knightley plays the title role in the latest screen adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's 1877 novel, teaming up to form a third collaboration with Joe Wright, director of Pride & Prejudice and...

by Mark Krantz

Herman Axelbank's film Tsar to Lenin provides an unparalleled film record of the Russian Revolution.

by Keith McKenna

The Edinburgh Festival responded to last summer's riots with musicals and documentary dramas, but the most interesting show on this theme set about organising its audience into noisy protesters...

Art / Exhibitions
by Jack Farmer

For those interested in such things, a minor spat has broken out among some of Britain's best known thespians about whether Will Shakespeare of Stratford was, in fact, the author of the plays...

Art / Exhibitions
by Socialist Review

Tate Modern currently has a display of 54 works by the German artist John Heartfield (1891-1968).