Socialist Review issue

September 2015 #405

The Tories' War On Us All


by Sally Campbell
This has been the summer of Corbynmania. Thousands of people have attended Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn’s election rallies in towns and...
by Joseph Choonara
The world’s stock markets were once more in turmoil as Socialist Review went to press. The immediate trigger appears to have been the sharp...
by Simon Assaf
A crisis caused by uncollected rubbish has triggered the biggest popular protest in Lebanon for a generation. And in Iraq, discontent over...
by Rob Ferguson
Barely a year after the passing of the Counter Terrorism and Security Act, the Tories are introducing a new “Counter Extremism Bill”. It is...
In Calais millions of pounds are being spent to keep out people who are fleeing torture and war. Families are facing repression despite often...


Siobhan Brown

Siobhan Brown looks at the likely impact of the Tories' welfare reforms.

Ralph Darlington

One of the pillars of the Tory government's agenda is the Trade Union Bill. This is an ideological attack aimed primarily at the public sector, and it must be resisted, writes Ralph Darlington....

Costas Pittas

Greek workers have refused to surrender despite Alexis Tspiras capitulating to the Troika. Costas Pittas reports on how we can see workers' power in the industrial and political turmoil.

James Anderson

In last month's Socialist Review Joseph Choonara put the case for voting No to EU membership. James...

Suzanne Jeffery

The protests before the UN climate talks in Paris this winter can be a crucial staging post for our movement, writes Suzanne Jeffery.

Heike Schaumberg

The debt crisis that is tearing Greece apart has echoes in Argentina at the beginning of this century. Heike Schaumberg draws out lessons from the workers' response to neoliberal strangulation....

Sabby Sagall

In last month's Socialist Review Susan Rosenthal argued that Marxists have nothing to gain from Sigmund Freud's theories,...


Culture clash
by Noel Halifax
“Theory is grey my friend but the tree of life blooms forever green”, as Lenin put it quoting Goethe. It means that society, class struggle and politics do not develop in simple linear ways but in...


by Maggie Palmer
I read with interest Susan Rosenthal's article “What’s wrong with Sigmund Freud?” (July/August SR), however, I disagree with her conclusion that all Freud’s ideas need to be rejected by Marxists...
by Iain Ferguson
There are many criticisms that Marxists can — and should — make of psychoanalysis in general and of Sigmund Freud in particular. To dismiss Freud, however, as a “career-building opportunist” as...
by Patrick Moore
I enjoyed your article When Gays and Panthers were United (July/August SR). However, there are a number of inaccuracies in paragraph 4. There were 21 members of the Black Panther Party...


by Delia Hutchings

Working class women are hit hardest by austerity. On campuses gross sexism has become a routine part of life. No wonder many women identify as feminists. It’s time to take on women’s oppression....

by Ian Taylor

It is not often a TV news reporter writes a book espousing Marxist economics, explaining the labour theory of value and the tendency of the rate of profit to fall, and suggesting the transition...

by Marianne Owens

Sarah Boston’s newly revised study charts the history of women workers’ struggles within and with the British labour movement from the 1830s to 2010.

Two new chapters discuss the advances...

by Simon Gilbert

This book begins with a dramatic account of the horrific murder of 29 passengers at China’s Kunming station in March last year. Nick Holdstock uses the remainder of the book to give context to...

by Kate Hurford

This was Harper Lee’s first attempt at writing a novel. When she took it to the publishers they told her they wanted the story alluded to in the many flashbacks of the main character Jean Louise (...

by Alan Gibson

This short collection of essays by the great historian of Chartism, Dorothy Thompson, is an enjoyable read. It brims with important political activists, both men and women, who helped build what...

by Chris Newlove

Tamas Krausz, Hungarian activist and theorist, avoids the twin pitfalls of Stalinism and Cold War propaganda in his in-depth study of Lenin.

Rather than the standard chronological approach...

by David Gilchrist

Judith Butler has been an important voice speaking out against the power of the mighty and in favour of standing up against oppression. She has noted that the dead of 9/11 were separated into...

by Liz Wheatly

As the title suggests, this is a story of 12 months in the life of a city. Subtitled “The year that changed soul”, it is much more than that. Leading black music label Motown is at the heart of...

by John Newsinger

At the end of March 1933 Guy Liddell, a senior MI5 officer, visited Berlin to liaise with the Prussian political police organisation that was soon to become the Gestapo.

He was given...

by Sally Campbell

It is almost a decade since Shane Meadows’ film This is England was released and his characters — from 12 year old lost boy Shaun to the terrifying National Front supporter Combo — grabbed us by...

by Saoirse MacDermott-Cox

This new stage adaptation of Lanark, which premiered at Edinburgh International Festival in August, is self-concious about being just that. Its source material, Alasdair Gray’s much-loved novel of...

by Bob Light

Here is a film made by Abel Ferrara, the enfant terrible of New York cinema (the auteur behind Driller Killer and Bad Lieutenant), about Pier-Paolo Pasolini, the enfant terrible of 60s and 70s...

by Kevin McCaighy

For the past 40 years the films of Alan J Pakula have defined the genre of the conspiracy thriller. The Parallax View and All the President’s Men depict the sinister, secretive world of the...

by Peter Robinson

The year 1968 was a defining one for a generation of political activists and it is not surprising that artists sought to reflect this. In Europe film makers such as Jean-Luc Godard and Lindsay...

by Andrea Butcher

I asked a friend, whose opinion I generally rate highly, what he thought about Sleaford Mods. “I’m glad I went to see them. But I’m not sure I’d go again.”

Nevertheless, in a music scene...

by Ken Olende

Kinshasa is the capital of the long suffering Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and From Kinshasa is the latest remarkable music to emerge from it. It is a startling mix of innovation and...