Urban Revolt

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Read this to be inspired by stories of city-based resistance in some of the most difficult conditions possible.

The editors want to confront the idea that capitalism is triumphant everywhere and instead look at examples where “the hegemony of ruling classes is being directly challenged by mass organisations”. Their examples range from Africa to Asia to Latin America.

Nepal: Next Steps in Democracy Struggle


During April hundreds of thousands of people came out onto the streets of Nepal in an impressive show of anger against the authoritarian regime of King Gyanendra. In the wake of the king's concessions to the protesters, everyone is asking questions about what will happen next.

The movement that opposed the royal dictatorship was initiated by an alliance of the seven main parties (known as the SPA), and supported by the whole of civil society and virtually all social classes. Would it achieve its objective of removing the king's powers and restoring democracy? What would be the role of the Maoists, who currently control most of the countryside and are able to exert a stranglehold on the urban areas?

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