Benefit cuts

Mobilise against system

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The protests that have shaken Greece are a sign of things to come. Initially over the shooting of a teenager by police in Athens, demonstrations and riots spread across the country, threatening the future of the government and crystallising the depth of bitterness and anger among working class people.

A deep economic crisis of the sort not seen in most of our lifetimes, following from a credit fuelled boom which failed to deliver for many people, creates a highly explosive situation. Inequality has grown, workers are under greater pressure of exploitation, and there is an ideology which repeatedly blames those at the bottom for everything that goes wrong in their lives.

La Hain

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"The party can only win the election by putting forward radical socialist policies," claimed a Labour MP in the October 1994 issue of Socialist Review.

"It's not just a demand from the left; it's an essential prerequisite for victory."

How times change. Peter Hain (for it was he), now work and pensions secretary in the Brown cabinet, has had plenty of opportunity to push such policies through government. His latest contribution has been to declare his intention to snatch incapacity benefits from one million people, forcing them into jobs which otherwise might be occupied by migrant workers.


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