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Panther correction

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I enjoyed your article When Gays and Panthers were United (July/August SR).

However, there are a number of inaccuracies in paragraph 4.

There were 21 members of the Black Panther Party arrested for conspiracy in New York. They became known as the Panther 21.

Erica Huggins was not one of the Panther 21, neither was she Tupac’s mother. Erica was a member of the Black Panther Party.

When gays and Panthers were united

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In the late 1960s the Black Panthers and the early gay liberation movement fought against different forms of oppression. But, as Noel Halifax explains, they could find common ground.

In August 1970 in the Black Panthers’ paper Huey Newton wrote “A letter to the Revolutionary Brothers and Sisters about Women’s Liberation and Gay Liberation” arguing that they were fellow revolutionary movements and pledging the Panthers to support gay liberation.

This was unusual for the time as in the 1970s Stalinism and Maoism dominated the left, especially in the US, and they both viewed homosexuality as a bourgeois deviancy — a pastime for the decadent upper classes. So how did this come about?

Barack Obama as president symbolises change

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Barack Obama as president symbolises change and finally something I'd consider a revolutionary transformation.

People often see revolution as being an event where people have picked up guns and have seized the state. That is certainly one manifestation of it, but revolution is also a process and not necessarily a conclusion.

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