Quebec: how we won

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After a six-month strike students in Quebec celebrated a victory last month when the new Parti Quebecois government announced it would reverse a planned tuition fees hike. The new government also repealed Bill 78, an emergency law introduced in May, aimed at restricting the right to protest. Aamna Mohdin and Jamie Woodcock spoke to Jérémie Bédard-Wien, a spokesperson for CLASSE, a radical student coalition that played a central role in the movement

“Half a million people marched through Montreal on 22 May - the largest ever act of civil disobedience in North America.”

Jérémie Bédard-Wien

There has been a history of student strikes in Quebec. What was the trigger for the 2012 student strike? And what was the inspiration?

Letter From Canada

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When Canada's federal election was called in late March, no one expected such a dramatic outcome.

On 2 May the incumbent Conservatives managed to transform their minority government into a majority, but the real story was the surprise second-place finish of Canada's social democrats. For the first time ever the New Democratic Party (NDP) will form the official opposition, ending the domination of parliament by pro-corporate parties.

Keep Canada's doors open to war resisters

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"I should have been in New Orleans, not in Iraq." This was the conclusion that Corey Glass, former sergeant in the US National Guard, came to after several months in Balad, Iraq.

Glass, 25, joined the National Guard in Indiana in 2002 on the understanding that he would be involved in responding to national emergencies. His recruiter assured him that the only way he would be involved in combat was if the US was invaded by foreign troops.

Instead in 2005 he was shipped to Camp Anaconda where as a military intelligence specialist he provided support to "Operation Iraqi Freedom". What he witnessed led him to conclude the war was based on lies and was illegal.

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