Julian Assange

Quantum leak

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It's all beginning to feel as if it were a Stieg Larsson novel. You have computer hacking, a journalist exposing the dirty doings of the rich and powerful, outcry and outrage from the said rich and powerful, and before you know it there are attempts to discredit the journalist, legal proceedings and it all ends up in the Swedish courts. All that's missing is a girl with a dragon tattoo.

I have watched the Wikileaks affair with a mixture of astonishment and amusement, and with a deep-seated appreciation of just how nasty and downright corrupt all those people who I'd always assumed were downright nasty and corrupt truly are.

Was I shocked that the lickspittle but bestial Saudi regime wanted the US to bomb Iran? Not for a minute, but to have it in black and white and in their own words was not anything I'd ever expected to see.

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