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The war that became a revolution

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The US Civil War began 150 years ago in April 1861. It ended with the abolition of slavery in the Southern states. Mark L Thomas spoke to historian James McPherson about this turning point in US history

To what extent was the Civil War a war to preserve the Union and to what extent was it a war to abolish slavery?

It was primarily a war to preserve the Union and that was the sole objective at the beginning of the war for the North. Indeed President Lincoln said on many occasions in the first year and a half of the war that it was not a war to abolish slavery.

Letter from the United States

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In recent months a populist right wing movement has taken to the streets. Chip Ward reports on the mad hatters at America's Tea Party

In the US you can witness how the unfettered culture of capitalism unfolds. Here we are free to profit from anything. On Wall Street, or hedge-heaven as I like to call it, brokers bet on bets on bets on bets. This hasn't worked out so well but they are still at it.

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