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Kodak website dispute - Insurance claims - China and the WTO

Kodak is refusing to honour sales of a £330 camera which it advertised for £100, after thousands of people tried to take advantage of the offer. Disgruntled customers have set up a website which has so far attracted 13,000 visitors. The debacle is similar to the Hoover flights to America scheme which led to thousands of legal claims.

Insurance companies have a new way to find out if false claimants are telling porkies. Instead of asking questions they will encourage claimants to talk for up to 20 minutes. 'This is very difficult for a fraudster,' claimed a spokesman from Direct Line, 'because he or she does not have emotions about the event because it is not genuine.' So next time you put in a claim, breaking into tears might help.
Some 40 million people will lose their jobs if China joins the World Trade Organisation claims UN representative Kerstin Leitner. This will be a 50 percent rise in unemployment. She also warns that growing inequalities will lead to serious social unrest.