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Contaminated steel from World Trade Centre dumped in Asia - Drug Tests on Police - Oxygen in Aeroplanes

More than 30,000 tons of contaminated steel scrap which made up the World Trade Centre have been dumped in south east Asia. The steel, containing asbestos, PCBs, mercury and dioxins, has been unloaded by workers in ports such as Chennai in India by workers with no protective clothing. Two US companies have made millions selling the scrap overseas.

Scotland Yard has dropped plans for officers to be randomly drug tested because of fears that as many as one third of the 26,000-strong force would be caught. One senior officer said, 'We have enough difficulties increasing police numbers without adding to our burden by losing those taking illegal substances.'

Some pilots reduce airflow rates in cabins to save fuel, according to a 'Holiday Which?' survey. In one case crew members felt faint, and the pilot was unable to grasp an aeroplane steward's finger to signal he was OK. 'Which?' recommends that next time a plane feels stuffy you should request the pilot increases the oxygen levels.