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Website charts collapses - Girl scouts introduce stress management badge - Drugs companies push for relaxation of testing rules

One dotcom company that has not suffered from the stock market collapse is the website which is one of a tiny handful of dotcom companies making a fortune. The site has been the premier information resource on the demise of the web revolution.

In a sign of the times, the Junior Girl Scouts of America have introduced a stress management badge. More than 60,000 girls, aged between eight and 11, have passed the badge's ten tests which teach the kids how to cope with rising anxiety. They are now entitled to wear the fingernail chewers' emblem, alongside those for cookie making and map reading.

Bayer, the chemical and drugs multinational, is pushing for a change in the international convention to allow pesticide and GM tests on human beings. At present pesticides are currently tested on animals and released for sale at a tenth of the harmful strength. If the same practice were applied to human tests, stronger pesticides could be sold.