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Starbucks coffee cup sizes - London congestion charge - Lords head companies

Beware when you next visit a Starbucks for a cup of coffee. If you look at the menu board the smallest cup advertised is 'tall'--a 340ml cup of coffee. In fact they do have a smaller 227ml cup which isn't on the board. But ask for a 'small' or 'regular' cup and you'll be given a 'tall' one. You must use the magic word 'short' to get the cheaper 227ml size.

Is easing traffic congestion the only motivation for the £5 congestion charge to be introduced in London? According to one study a £10 charge was rejected because it would have driven too many people onto public transport, which would not have been able to cope with the numbers. This would have also hit total income raised, hence the lower charge was adopted.

One in three Lords are directors of companies according to a Labour Research report. Overall 217 peers out of a total of 666 (excluding 26 bishops) register 618 directorships between them. The busiest Labour lord is Viscount Chandos who is on the board of 17 different companies.