No Place for Inaccuracy (reply)

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I apologise to Billy Hayes for any misunderstanding.

I accept the criticism that the CWU did not sign a formal no-strike agreement with Royal Mail. However, I do believe that this was at least temporarily the effect on the ground of the 'moratorium on strikes'.

The union made clear the implications of this agreement in a number of official statements. CWU News (14 September 2001) states, 'The CWU has agreed to suspend any ballots for industrial action,' and later in the press release the CWU states, 'Royal Mail will continue to achieve the goal of a strike-free business.' A subsequent article in CWU News (10 October 2001) states, 'Royal Mail will not implement any unagreed changes in working practices at local level and the union will suspend any threats of industrial action.'

Martin Smith