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Psychiatric tests for politicians? - Sweets firm in music charts - Coke and Pepsi fined for defacing the Himalayas

Argentinian senator Jorge Capitanich ruffled a few feathers recently, when he proposed that all political candidates in future elections submit to psychiatric and neurological tests. Maybe this would be a good idea for some of our own cabinet ministers.

Proving once again that artistic integrity is the touchstone of the music industry, Starburst have shot into the Australian charts at number 28 with the single 'Get Your Juices Going'. But before you rush to the import section of your local music shop, be warned: the band doesn't exist. It's the creation of sweets firm Mars, whose next Australian product will be... Starburst sweets.

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo were among 12 companies fined for defacing the Himalayas. They were ordered to pay 200,000 rupees (£2,680) each towards repairing the damage after their logos were painted on the rock surfaces. Some of the rock surfaces are 45 million years old. You can't beat the real thing!