No Cradle of Democracy

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While watching the jingoistic posturing of Bush and his poodle Blair, am I alone in remembering that in my teenage years the US still practised apartheid? Can this be the nation that lays claim to leadership of the 'free world'?

I know a decorated US army officer whose career was ruined, following investigation by the FBI, for believing he was free to remark in a bar that had Christ been alive today he would have been a Communist. The mother of democracy?

The sabre rattling over Iraq is just more US imperialism--economic imperialism having failed, the only way left is to promote US hegemony at bayonet point. What is Britain doing associating itself with this sick policy? We are told that we must take action against Saddam--he's in breach of UN resolutions and is suspected of having biological and chemical weapons. How different from Israel, who are in breach of twice as many UN resolutions and who are known to have chemical, biological and nuclear weapons! Admittedly Israel is not led by an 'evil madman'--just by a war criminal! But anyone drawing attention to this is described as anti-Semitic.

The 'war on terrorism' has been a cover for the greatest erosion of human rights in 50 years--let's not allow these postures to write future history in blood to further US ends.

John Higgins
HMP Edinburgh