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Most company boards ignore social and environmental issues - London Eye and British Airways debt problems - US Justice Department Loses Computers and Weapons

A Blairite Institute for Public Policy Research survey for the Institute of Directors (IOD) found that six out of ten company boards never discussed social or environmental issues--and eight out of ten don't publish reports on their social or environmental impact. Overcome with rage at this report, IOD head of policy Ruth Lea said, 'This is our survey. We paid for it. These things cost about £15,000 to £20,000' and refused the think-tank permission to publish the report.

The London Eye is in crisis due to the debts owed to the cash-strapped airline British Airways, its main backer. BA has loan agreements with the Eye which total £87.7 million. The airline charges a massive 24 percent interest which means the chances of the Eye ever turning a profit are slim. Catch a ride on the Eye before it closes for good.

It seems that the US Justice Department has become a little absent-minded. An audit found that the department, which is in charge of the FBI, 'lost' 400 computers and 200 weapons.