The Lie Detector

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If there was such a machine as a bullshit detector, then the needle would have gone off the dial. There's a 1960s poem with the constant refrain of 'Tell me lies about Vietnam'. Without the irony, New Labour politicians are queuing up to 'tell us lies about Iraq'.

The generalised antipathy towards all politicians means that there's an almost automatic distrust of whatever they say, but that rejection can also reflect a desire to seek out alternative explanations to the official version of events.

We cannot underestimate the impact that John Pilger's Daily Mirror articles have had. He has been able to put hard-hitting anti-imperialist arguments to a working class audience of millions. The 'Alternative Dossier' (October SR) was good and has gone down a storm. I've heard many anti-war activists praise it.

It is an indespensable tool for the anti-war movement, equipping activists and newcomers alike with the information New Labour wants to hide. Politicians just hate the fact that we know they're talking bollocks.

Richard Searle