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DLR and Arms Fair - New Job for Nick Leeson - Boots Boss Hears Workers' Suggestions

Why was the Docklands Light Railway so keen to prevent protesters disrupting transport to the recent DSEi arms fair? Perhaps because the Serco group, which runs the DLR, was also a prominent exhibitor. Serco brags of providing ’life cycle value for money‘ training for the MoD, Nato and the US Department of Defence.

While it‘s generally good to hear of ex-prisoners being rehabilitated, news of Nick Leeson‘s new job should raise a few eyebrows. The infamous ’rogue trader‘ who broke Barings bank by gambling away £850 million has found a career in TV - as a financial tipster.

The new chief executive of Boots, Richard Baker, has been attempting to bond with his underpaid and overworked staff. Boasting of how he visited four stores in one morning, he revealed that ’I came back from the first day with 21 good ideas from colleagues‘. Between the Lines cannot confirm if any of them were printable.