Direct Inaction

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Thanks for a fine article on the anti-war movement (’Within Political Inches‘, September SR), most of which I agreed with.

However, I was slightly surprised to read that the activities of the anti-war movement had resulted in ’ultimately winning the united support of the TUC general council‘.

While it is correct to say that the motion passed at last year‘s TUC congress opposed intervention in Iraq without a second UN resolution, since hostilities began - and during the occupation of Iraq - the silence of the TUC has been deafening. Before, during and after the war it has failed to give its support for any of the huge national demonstrations.

Surely it would have been better to focus more strongly on the direct action of the 300-plus workplaces that took some form of protest action against the war rather than the TUC‘s inactivity. Hopefully, too, pressure from below can result in the TUC being forced into actually doing something to protest against the occupation. In the meantime I don‘t think it should be given credit for sitting on the fence.

Dave Roberts