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by Eric Schlosser

In his first play the author of Fast Food Nation powerfully dissects the moment when the US chose the path of empire.

Arcola Theatre, London
020 7503 1646
28 October to 22 November

by Michael Frayn

West Germany 1969: Willy Brandt begins his brief but remarkable career as the first left wing chancellor for nearly 40 years. Always present but rarely noticed is Gunter Guillaume, Brandt‘s devoted personal assistant - and no less devoted in his other role, spying on Brandt for the Stasi.

National Theatre, London
020 7452 3000
Until 30 December

The Price
by Arthur Miller

A 90 year old furniture dealer engages his clients in long-winded philosophical debates in this revival of Miller‘s classic play

Apollo Theatre, London
020 7494 5070