Time to Burst the Bubble

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Reading Mary Brodbin's review of Andrew Marr's book made me a little queasy ('I Heard the News Today', January SR).

Describing Marr as a 'genial liberal' and his book as 'enjoyable and light-hearted' sounds like it could have come straight from one of the sycophantic reviews in the Observer or the Telegraph.

In fact the worst thing about Marr is the 'genial liberal' image he projects. He wants us to think of him as honest and impartial, a regular guy caught in the thorny political world. In fact he is part of the 'boys in the bubble', to use George Galloway's phrase, along with the rest of the editors, senior journalists and the government. He is part of their world and helps legitimise their agenda, which causes so much death and destruction.

Rather than bother with Marr, why not read John Pilger's latest collection or, better still, save your money for Paul Foot's book, out in February?

Jonathan Maunder