Rats from Blair's Ship are Not our Allies

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I have a great deal of respect for Lindsey German, but I feel I must write in response to her "New Friends, Old Enemies" column (September SR).

Now that the war in Iraq is being comprehensively lost, we are beginning to see the phenomena of MPs who previously supported the war coming out of the woodwork and criticising the government. There is nothing so nauseating as listening to the squeals of these spineless cowards as they are slowly crushed under the weight of their own guilt.

As our "elected representatives", they should have made all efforts to ensure that the decision they made before voting on that fateful March day in 2003, to take this nation into war, was based on fact and not on spun fiction. Most, if not all, of them were whipped into the yes lobby - some against their better judgement, others against their own consciences and others to support a reckless, morally barren prime minister.

Their "bitter experience" has cost the lives of over 100,000 innocent people. It has debased our nation in the eyes of the rest of the world and has caused a war that has made a mockery of international law and human rights.

But what Lindsey appears to be saying is that, despite all of that, we should welcome these loathsome reptiles into the Stop the War movement because it is expedient for us to do so. Has it occurred to her that these people may be climbing on board now after their miraculous conversions because they are scared of losing their piss-poor jobs?

It's all very well condemning government foreign policy from the safety of their own constituency offices, but I wonder how many of these MPs would be prepared to confront relatives or friends of a needlessly murdered Iraqi and really face the consequences of their actions?

There is a lot to be said for the power of forgiveness. But I think that the majority of people who have been with the movement, as well as members of the general public who have been against the war from the outset, will take a lot more convincing.

Alan Haynes