The Conservative Future isn't so bright

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Last month, stories about naively bigoted Tories hit the newsstands quicker than you could say "political correctness gone mad".

First up was the "hilarious" Facebook website of young Tory parliamentary worker Philip Clarke on which a colleague is pictured "blacked up" by Clarke. Clarke first claimed he couldn't remember whether he had written the racist captions on the photos. Eventually his memory returned and he apologised.

Next up, just to prove their homophobic and anti-Semitic credentials, the University of Central Lancashire's Conservative Future leader, Fergus Bowman (now expelled), set up a Facebook group entitled "Homos burn in hell", with comments linking homosexuality to Aids, before having a go at Jews.

The main defence seems to be that they were being "ironic", but they seemed oblivious as to why they might cause offence. The "Conservative Future" doesn't seem so bright.