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Linda Smith - children's SF - rendition thriller - lesbian mums

I Think the Nurses Are Stealing My Clothes
by Linda Smith

(Hodder £8.99)

This is a great collection of the late Linda Smith's standup comedy routines and monologues alongside anecdotes from fellow performers.

by David Thorpe

(HarperCollins £5.99)

Johnny and Kestrella are hybrids - victims of "Creep", a pandemic which causes people to merge with items of technology. This children's book questions our dependence on technology.

Inside the Cage
by Matt Whyman

(Simon & Shuster £6.99)

17 year old Carl Hobbes finds himself on a rendition flight to an isolated camp in the Arctic. Then a detainee stages an uprising and Carl is faced with the choice of staying in the cage or running away.

Josh and Jaz have Three Mums
by Hedi Argent

(BAAF £8.95)

Josh and Jaz are five year old twins who have been adopted by two women. What will their fellow classmates think? This is one of the few books looking at children with different kinds of families.