Five things to get or see this month

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Winter Soldier - Palestinian films - Yorkshire theatre on migrant issues - Specials - Chinese design

Winter Soldier 2008

Iraq Veterans Against the War organised a Winter Soldier event in Washington last month to mark the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Hundreds of US veterans came together to give testimony about their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The event was named after the Winter Soldier hearings held in 1971 that saw US veterans testifying to the shocking atrocities carried out by the US army in Vietnam.

You can see an account of this event online and watch the testimonies of some of the soldiers who took the big decision to go public and give evidence about the real role of the occupying armies.

The London Palestinian Film Festival 2008
Barbican from 18 to 24 April

Documentary, fiction, art and experimental work related to Palestine, marking 60 years since the Nakba and including some rare and powerful accounts of the experience of 1948. The festival includes panels and introductions from authors and filmmakers including Adaf Souif and Ilan Pappe.

Fast Labour
West Yorkshire Playhouse from 19 April

A new play about the growing culture of human exploitation, focusing on Ukranian asylum seeker Victor who once had a business, a family and a home and who now, gutting fish in Britain, resolves to build a business of his own and play the gang masters at their own game.

West Yorkshire Playhouse has a sturdy reputation for being vibrant and innovative so it will be intriguing to see what take they have on this subject.

The Best of The Specials

Songs like "Ghost Town" and "Too Much Too Young" sum up Britain in the early 1980s. If you haven't heard of the band then this CD is a must and if you were around at the time then you will want to get pristine versions of these two-tone classics.

China Design Now
Victoria and Albert Museum, London until 13 July

Bringing together the latest in design from across China, this eclectic exhibition includes graphic design, webzines, experimental film and even some of the first Chinese skateboards.