London elections: why the Left List

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Londoners are being given an opportunity to vote for a genuine left alternative in the elections for the mayor and assembly.

The Left List is standing leading anti-war campaigner and socialist Lindsey German for mayor and an impressively diverse range of candidates for the London Assembly.

The headline battle has been between the Tory mayoral candidate Boris Johnson and Labour's Ken Livingstone. A Johnson victory would be a disaster and an affront to the ethnic and cultural diversity that makes London such an exciting city. If the only alternative were the anti-war and anti-racist Livingstone it would be obvious who to vote for. That's why we unequivocally call for a second preference vote for Livingstone.

But it is important that there is also a left alternative. Despite his past reputation, Livingstone is now firmly the candidate of New Labour, endorsed by Gordon Brown, espousing the wealthy and paying homage to the glass and steel temples of capitalism in the City and Canary Wharf.

Our first preference vote should go to the candidate who stands out against this neoliberal agenda and who combines her commitment to the fight for equality in every sphere with a clear policy of shifting resources from the rich to ordinary Londoners.

By demanding decent, affordable housing, cheap, reliable public transport and properly funded schools she stands against the wrecking policies of privatisation. Lindsey German came a creditable fourth last time round, beating both the Greens and the fascist BNP. She missed being elected to the assembly by less than 0.5 percent and she heads up the Left List for the assembly elections again.

Lindsey was a founding member of Respect and though for legal reasons we are no longer allowed to use that name, the Respect tradition can find its voice in the Left List. Every voter has three votes. For mayor vote Lindsey German 1, Ken Livingstone 2. In the constituency section of the assembly, where we are standing in every electoral area, vote Left List and for the party top-up for the assembly vote Left List.