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Monbiot on global justice - Inside the US's Baghdad base - Michael Rosen's kids' football book - Hornby for young adults

Bring on the Apocalypse
by George Monbiot (Atlantic books £11.99)

Monbiot's best writing brought together in one volume under the intriguing headings of "Arguments With" - money, god, war, power, culture and nature.

Imperial Life in the Emerald City
by Rajiv Chandrasekaran (Bloomsbury £8.99)

A revealing look at life inside the US Baghdad base from the Washington Post's bureau chief.

Even Stevens FC
by Michael Rosen (Barn Owl Books £4.99)

Wayne Travis and his mates make up a great team where everyone is welcome, but what happens when the football gets serious?

by Nick Hornby (Penguin £7.99)

Sam is a skateboarding teenager with troubles. "Sometimes it can seem as though kids always do better than their parents... But in our family, people always slip up on the first step. In fact, most of the time they don't even find the stairs."