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Berger anthology - Eagleton on the meaning of life - 1972 building workers' strike - worried mole helps worried children

Hold Everything Dear
by John Berger

(Verso £7.99)

Berger's combination of anecdote, poetry and meditation won't be to everyone's taste, but he uses it to great effect to penetrate the extremes of suffering he sees around him and he insists on the continued importance of Marxism.

Meaning of Life
by Terry Eagleton

(OUP £6.99)

Find out what Karl Marx, William Shakespeare and jazz have to do with the meaning of life. No skipping to the end...

The Flying Pickets
by Dave Ayre, Reuben Barker, Jim French, Jimmy Graham & Dave Harker

(Des Warren Trust £12.99 )

A new history of the 1972 national building workers' strike and the subsequent jailing of pickets. A book that knows which side it's on.

Morris and the Bundle of Worries
by Jill Seeney

(BAAF £9.95)

Morris the mole carries his worries with him everywhere. Even in his sleep they won't leave him alone. What can he do? For young children with worries, real and imagined.