It was. Are you?

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"I feel a terrible personal failure - it's a very nasty place to be if you're me," said Independent editor Roger Alton, after the newspaper lost 16.29 percent of its readership in one year.

Alton gained notoriety when, as editor of the Observer, he supported the illegal invasion of Iraq. His record at the Indie has also been less than promising. Its hot news is now more likely to be about Gazza than Gaza. His belief that "pictures of semi-naked women basically make the world a better place" has also led many to leave the paper on the shelf.

But with its appalling circulation figures have come 90 job cuts and its impending move to share office space with the Daily Mail - a newspaper Alton refers to as "the best paper in Britain".

But the paper still found the cash to give £46,413 to New Labour and £3,282 to the Liberal Democrats in August, according to the Electoral Commission. Surprising, perhaps - not least because Alton is a vocal supporter of David Cameron.