Name and shame?

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"Are there names you are likely to encounter or not encounter on an Activities Abroad holiday?" asked Activities Abroad founder Alistair McLean in an email to 24,000 customers. "After a lot of research we came up with two lists of names.

"Unlikely: Britney, Kylie-Lianne, Bianca, Tiffany, Dazza, Chardonnay, Chantelle, Candice, Courtney, Shannon. Likely: John, Sarah, Charles, Rachel, Michael, Alice, Lucy, Joseph, Charlotte. Nuff said, innit?"

But class warrior McLean's promise of "chav-free holidays" may have backfired, as customers relayed their disgust and demanded removal from the email list. Sulky McLean sent out another thoughtful email. "I am genuinely sorry if our newsletter caused offence," he said, but "I make no apology for proclaiming myself to be middle class and a genuine contributor to our society... Do you encourage your children to go off and play with the shell suited, Lambert and Butler sucking teenagers who hang around our shopping centres at night?"