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Gang Leader - Matter - Evolution - Chains

Gang Leader for a Day
Sudhir Venkatesh

(Penguin £8.99)

Venkatesh enters the Chicago gang world at the height of a crack epidemic to produce a fascinating piece of research into the lives of struggling working class families living in a violent society.

Iain M Banks

(Orbit £7.99)

Banks's latest novel of feudal wars and interstellar travel makes it into paperback. This is the latest of his stories about the Culture, a highly advanced "utopian" civilisation - an engaging epic of space, politics and chainmail.

Evolution Revolution
Robert Winston

(Dorling Kingsley £10.99)

Robert Winston charts the advances in biological science in this lively book for young people. It covers scientific progress from the revolutionary ideas of Charles Darwin to the 21st century mapping of the human genome.

Laurie Halse Anderson

(Bloomsbury £10.99)

Isabelle and her sister are slaves sent to New York at the time of the war of independence. Isabelle tries to keep herself and her sister safe at a time when "lives were valued like weights of meat or bundles of vegetables".