Young Tories, old bigots

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Conservative Future members are gearing up for the compassionate conservatism (sic) they hope awaits us.

The recommended blog links on the Tory youth website shows us what the proto City slickers are really thinking.

The Tory Bear blog, for example, refers to one female Labour candidate as "intellectual top totty". Another, Blaney's Blarney, repeatedly refers to the US president as the "Kenyan-American...Barack Hussein Obama". Nothing technically wrong with that, but you can see what Donal Blaney is insinuating.

Then there's Tory MEP Daniel "the NHS is a 60-year mistake" Hannan. Not only is his hysterically pro-Republican blog promoted on, but so is his Young Britons' Foundation, a "non-partisan" youth group dedicated to stamping out "political correctness" and supporting the Afghan war.