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The Adventures of Unemployed Man - A Bomb in Every Issue - Anne Frank - Conquered City

The Adventures of Unemployed Man

Erich Origen

(Little Brown US, £9.99)

Living in his underground cave, Rock Bottom, comic book hero Unemployed Man teams up with Wonder Mother, Plan B in a quest to destroy arch-villains including the Outsourcerer and the Hidden Hand.

A Bomb in Every Issue

Peter Richardson

(New Press, £12.99)

This enjoyable and informative account of the rise and fall of the countercultural Ramparts magazine offers a fascinating account of the movements against war and racism in the US of the 1960s.

Anne Frank

Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon

(Hill & Wang, £11.99)

This officially authorised graphic novel of Anne Frank's life also includes background information on the rise of Hitler and the horrors of life in the concentration camps.

Conquered City

Victor Serge

(New York Review Books Classics, £8.99)

This classic text tells the story of Petrograd in 1919-20 as the city defends itself from counterrevolution.