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Living in the End Times - The Enigma of Capital - Surface Detail - My Monster Notebook

Living in the End Times

Slavoj Zizek

(Verso, £12.99)

With the aid of the "four riders of the apocolypse", Slavoj Zizek's latest book looks forward to the death of capitalism.

The Enigma of Capital

David Harvey

(Profile books, £8.99)

Celebrated Marxist geographer David Harvey's latest offering builds on decades of research to present a readable account of why capitalism goes into crisis.

Surface Detail

Iain M. Banks

(Orbit, £8.99)

As war rages over the existence of hell, a women returns from the dead to take revenge on her murderer. It could only be one of Iain M. Banks' "culture" novels.

My Monster Notebook

John Harris and Mark Todd

(Thames and Hudson, £9.95)

All manner of creepy creatures and magical monsters appear in this colourful book, along with classical myths and stories in which they first appeared.